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Messages from God the Father Shadows on heart

Messages from God the Father Shadows on the heart To be truth and Manifestation of Love
Messages from God the Father Shadows on heart : my adored children, here I am to you, today’s title is chosen because I want to talk to you about the many situations you meet in life where your heart fills up with clouds; Love has just come through you, you feel so much happiness expressing yourselves, feeling yourselves, just a moment ago your heart was strong with all the Love you felt inside and all the Love other feel for you, a smile just passed and then an event took the smile away from your heart.
You have many problems that can take the smile off your heart, envy, jealousy, contrasts, unjust accusations, and other forms of violence cause shadows to appear inside your heart, the smile seems to have vanished, your smile seems to be shadowed, brothers, their problems toward you cause the shadow inside your heart.
This existence is an alternation of shadows and smiles.
Let’s begin to face those shadows together, we need to reflect, ask yourselves why another brother would use a form of violence against you; is he in need?, is he in difficulty?, is he afraid of your presence in his life?, why is that?, is he afraid of your actions?, why does he reply with a form of violence?
Reflecting by placing yourselves in the shoes of the other heart, in the heart of this person, can help you understand and isolate the reason, this is the important step to take when violence is upon you, now that there is more clarity, answer a question to yourselves “in this situation, do I also want to be violence myself, or do I want to count upon my mobilized Love even though I feel this shadow inside me heart?
And if your answer is Love, this for you will be an experience of growth, Love does not always correspond to what you are feeling inside your heart, of course, since there are many feelings, but not the Love that you recognize inside you, if your answer is to use your Love, then you know that Love is much greater than what you have experienced inside you up to today, this confidence has brought you to pick the answer, “I choose Love” because at Soul level you are more than certain that Love will be available also during that moment of shadows inside your heart.
Now it’s important to choose how to position yourselves in front of this form of violence.
Why be afraid if this is a form of violence that stems from the other person’s problems?
Being afraid does not help express my Love.
My faith in the truth, if I have faith inside my heart that his truth is what the problem corresponds to, then my Love can express itself.
A concept of a problem, if the other person is convinced that the problem is in the other person, it will need some time for my Love to communicate the truth.
I listen to my heart right now, my being calm is much better than my being agitated, may my calm transmit the truth from my Love.
And so I give calm to the entire situation.
Here we are, the shadow is slowly moving away from my heart, I chose to be truth and manifestation of Love.
I am waiting for an opportunity to place the truth and to manifest the Love of myself.
And while I am waiting my mind is asking “how can I not react the next time this form of violence will be upon me?”
Violence only brings violence from the other party, all violent behavior brings the same violence from the other party, if you offer calm, violence will no longer be perceived and this will create a reduction of the violence upon that brother.
Have a little bit of patience, and when the reduction of the form of violence will allow for the possibility of renewed communication, you will be able to begin to bring the truth to that heart.
And now do not think of the future, think of the present and of your choice to answer to this form of violence with yourselves, with your Being Love.
I gave you advice to allow you to experiment even when you feel the shadow in your heart, it’s a moment of great growth to always have Love even in moments of violence, this is why I spoke to you about it today, and also because for you to retort with violence means to doubt yourselves as being Love; do you feel it?, violence makes you doubt yourselves, doubt the Love inside you, question every gesture donated for Love, every word donated for Love, every thing you do that is done for Love.
I will conclude with a little surprise, as you place Love you also have me next to you, we will work together, embraced while we put Love and while we make your hearts shine more and more, my loved ones.
Embraced to you, I give you my Love, my children
Your Father
Message dictated 17th April 2008
Messages from God the Father Shadows on the heart To be truth and Manifestation of Love
Messages from God the Father Shadows on heart
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