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Me Love To be Me Love Experimentation

Me Love To be Me Love Experimentation Teachings from Jesus Christ
Me Love To be Me Love Experimentation : here we are to the new appointment my loved brothers, my loved sisters, an appointment with the Love of the Sky, while our hearts are looking at each one of you, your lives flow between your appointments, your relationships, your responsibilities, and in all this you gain experience of yourselves, of your heart that replies every time to what is happening around it; inside the heart certain emotions are replaced by other emotions depending on the occasions that life presents to you, experience, you gain constant experience of your heart in the emotions that you feel inside, your eyes are all on earth, in the meetings with other people, on the paperwork of your commitments, everything takes place in your living life and the eyes are looking at this life.
What to us is your existence, your experimenting yourselves in your heart for us is a source of observation, but for you, who are conducting this experience, it’s only a string of experimentation with little or nominal awareness.
If life is a test, your Love is the test.
If life is to gain experience, you gain experience of your Love
If this is life, you are experiencing your Love
If life is what is granted to you, then Love grants you to live this life.
The entire existence is your experience of Love.
For this reason you should always move your attention toward your heart, I am always experimenting with this myself, Love is what I am experimenting and my growth is in what happens to me, during my entire existence I experiment my being Love, and I can gain awareness of my growth when I observe myself in the Love over the course of time.
Life brings me conditions, in every condition I always tried to be the utmost expression of myself, when I experimented displeasure I looked for the path of hope to illuminate me even more, when I experienced contact with pain I looked even more for the path of consolation, I sought even more joy inside my heart during the experiences of Love that I saw; this way violence and aggression have increasingly abandoned my heart, making more room for understanding; my expressed Love brought to others me in the truth.
This is your growth, what we observe with our eyes, this is your growth that you can observe by placing your Love as a point of reference, inside your experience the Love you experimented determines your growth, looking at every single experience as an opportunity for growth is like placing your Love at the very center of this moment, and this means a greater awareness of that specific moment.
I am expression of myself, of the Me Love, in this moment, I am constant growth because right now I am experimenting Love inside my own Me.
Right now I am growing by allowing myself to be Me Love.
The moment has gone, a new opportunity presents itself in front of me, it’s another moment when I can live my Being Love; I am constantly building my Being Love, moment after moment, and the constant awareness of my Me Love, sends me the same image as the image of me that I am sending to others.
The Me is what I am living right now in my expression of being Me Love, expression of me in full truth.
I would like to conclude this moment of important reflection by taking you by the hand and by looking at you in the eyes to communicate to you sweetly “you are a heart, live like a heart, express yourself like a heart, recognize yourself as a heart, life is experience of you as a heart, always let your heart guide your experience", everything is heart.
With all my Love
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 21st April 2008
Me Love To be Me Love Experimentation Teachings from Jesus Christ
Me Love To be Me Love Experimentation
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