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To be an example Awareness of being example

To be an example Awareness of being an example Love as a way of life
To be an example Awareness of being example : my children, my loved children, your Mother is with you today for a little surprise, let’s continue the topic we began yesterday when I started answering a question to the Heaven from my little Nicoletta, I will continue on that example to talk to you; many of you believe that the only way to lead is by example; over time many people have been the example when guiding, the progress of so much humanity has always hinged on the example from other brothers who, with lots of courage, on behalf of everybody have asked for changes for a better world and changes were registered thanks to the many brothers who in turn continued with courage the example of those brothers.
All those names you learn and remember are brothers who ever time have built your society as it stand today.
They were an example and as an example they are being remembered.
Over the course of humanity these examples have become an achievement of humankind at large, in the heart the message transformed into an individual achievement.
Continuing on the message of example, the message arrived to those brothers among you who were born, and this example continued to be passed on through the generations; today what for many is by merely taken for granted, back then needed to be transmitted from a brother who set himself as an example.
Nowadays for you there are still certain achievements that are necessary and there are brothers who are busy sending their examples to all of you, even Love needs people to set themselves as examples to instill courage into people’s hearts.
All of you are an example through your actions, but are you aware of what kind of example you are transmitting?
Many of you registered a change since we first met through these examples, and many of my children send out the Love that they have recognized in us; example, this is example.
Over time all of your examples will contribute to create growth, evolution, in the many brothers who will come over, and with time the famous achievement of humanity will feature those of you who are courageously carrying the example of Love, of your Love as a way of life.
Today your actions are an example for others, like Nicoletta understood, your interaction with the world is your own contribution to the growth of humanity at large, in the way you speak, in the emotions you send, your every single action, by sending the Love you are an example of Love.
In the past an individual brother introduced himself as an example of Love on earth, of course, it was my child, and what He taught to you has continued to live inside people’s hearts in the example of many brothers and his teachings have arrived all the way to you, and your example will transmit those teachings until this will become a way of life, living in the Love among you, and Paradise will be present on earth.
It is very important at this point to have full awareness of your being an example, through your example you will build the life that you desire, the life that your Love knows to be perfect.
May you always be aware that every action you do is actually transmitting something, Love transmits to other people the possibility for life within Love, your example allows others to follow with courage to also be an example for others.
Every moment, every day, every instant, be very aware that your example constitutes tomorrow; how do you want your tomorrow to be?, a world of Love?, today you are building your tomorrow, bring the example and the example will create reality.
This humanity will grow through your examples
My children, I embrace you with Love,
The Virgin Mother Mary
Message dictated 24th April 2008
To be an example Awareness of being an example Love as a way of life
To be an example Awareness of being example
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