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Messages from God Father build with example

Messages from God the Father To build with example To be an example of Love
Messages from God Father build with example : my loved children, I am embraced to you, the embrace of my heart is around you, the strong embrace that I feel rising from my heart is the contact with your heart, these days we are talking about examples, and the emotion that I mentioned to you today is what I feel during each tiny little moment for all of you, my children; today I would like to talk to you about the emotion of the heart when you become an example, just like at the time when my loved child was with you, he would meet a multitude of hearts, many of those hearts would beg him for healings, others would ask to understand his teachings, and some others would accompany him through them asses of people, to be of help to him, and others through the meeting had the intent of bringing this truth to many other people.
And my son would travel just like you, among this multitude of hearts, and like you he would breathe sometimes pain and negation and challenge and aggression, and sometimes in his heart my son would ask himself “why does this walking among the people fill my heart with sadness?, I am the truth, I am the son and I bring you the truth, so why this pain?”, this is what my son would ask himself, in his heart he had the need to get out of this sadness to continue to donate his Love.
And then the answer would arrive “if what you are seeking is the Love of the people, then your sadness will find an implantation, many of those hearts do love you, but not all of them, and if your Love needs to feel completely loved by others, then you will experience sadness in your heart; however, if you reflect a moment upon those hearts who did accept you, you will find that in them there is a great Love and they recognize your Love, this is the truth, my son; a heart that recognizes his own Love will meet another heart and will recognize their Love, in the heart of people you don’t always find self-awareness, awareness of the Love that is inside, a pre-requisite to find it is to listen to the words that Love is transmitting, it’s listening to discussions where everyone talks about Love, it’s an example of Love every time you turn to everybody with your sweet feelings, and maybe as you interact with others using your Love that is the most important help, only Love can induce a heart to listen to itself, to hear, to recognize its own being Love form the inside.
And the pain always erased this answer from the heart “be Love to the world, and build with your example a multitude of hearts that will recognize themselves as Love”.
My sweet children, these very same words are now for you, don’t expect Love from everybody in order for you to love, you are citizens of a world that is rediscovering itself and every contact for you can bring the Love from the other person, or their difficulty in recognizing themselves as Love, may you always be Love in situations of difficulty as well as joy, in the example that is given by Love the other heart will slowly open up to discovery, or he will take home from that meeting a newly found courage to be an example of Love.
And just like I told my son back then, I say it to you now, truth, you are carrying the truth of your Being Love, you are experimenting it every moment inside your heart, feeling Love brings you back to your own heart, feeling yourselves brings you back to the truth, this is the truth, your Being Love. You carry this truth with you every single minute and being Love makes you an example that moves toward rediscovery, which moves at the joyous contact among hearts.
A day of full awareness has just begun, I am Love, I carry Love with me all the time, my Being Love is sent out to all people, let’s turn this awareness into my own strength, the strength of the truth within me.
This sweet infinite embrace is with you, my embrace from the heart is there all the time, from my son to you to sustain you as you bring the truth to the many hearts that are waiting of Love.
In this infinite embrace,
Your Father
Message dictated 28th April 2008
Messages from God the Father To build with example To be an example of Love
Messages from God Father build with example
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