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Message Of Love For You

Message Of Love For You Message From The Heart Of Jesus


Message Of Love For You : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, my heart is for you, my own existence speaks from the heart about the great Love that I have for all of my brothers and all of my sisters, this is what I feel, infinite Love for all of my brothers and all of my sisters, being with you is like giving voice to my feelings, speaking to you is like communicating to all of you the Love of my heart, and as you listen to me, you make contact with my heart that shines with Love for each one of you.


The light reaches your eyes, it lights up the star inside you, and you listen to me, you reflect on the words that I shared with you, and in that moment we are unity. For me, unity is every time you think of your brother Jesus, who has brought you as an example among you and who is still bringing you an example through his words. An example of a heart that beats with Love for all of his brothers.


I am always present for you, but when I am dictating, I grab everyone’s heart and I speak to you in a huge embrace, this is my Love, a universe of calm and of pure Love. If you listen to my heart you will realize that I understand every situation, including your mistakes, mistakes in many instances are understandable, this is why I speak to you to help you overcome with knowledge, to understand your error and to be on the right from that moment on. And for you, understanding yourselves, is Love, because with understanding and with Love you can make your heart shine even more. Helping you, my brother, my sisters, is a great honor for me, because thanks to you I feel my immense Love mobilize by means of helping you, and through all that help to you, all of the Love that permeates the universe can express itself.


Loving you so much is wonderful, don’t you think? Including the mistakes. The entire Sky is mobilized for you, to bring you the right help, our constant effort is for you, effort to help you build the impression of you as Love, impression of you as a child of the Father, impression of you as a heart that, in its immortality, will eventually reach its own Being Love, completely fulfilled.


You understand that today life hides you from the eyes of the truth, and every progress made in this condition is a truly important progress, and in front of my eyes I have stars that light up because as you listen to me you proceed in your journey. Do not complain about all the difficulties, instead, spread your light on life, there will be unpleasant times in life, but go ahead and always bring your light upon others, and so, even in painful experiences, bring with your awareness a message of Love to others. I am with you, I am life and Love, I am message from the heart, my heart is linked to your heart, I am a message of Love for you, I am the light in your journey.


And so here is my embrace of all your heart continues on, I am for all of you


With all of my Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


Message Of Love For You Message From The Heart Of Jesus was the Messages From Jesus Christ 27th April 2009


Message Of Love For You Message From The Heart Of Jesus


Message Of Love For You


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