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In The Emotion The Concept Of Life

In The Emotion The Concept Of Life The Real Truth


In The Emotion The Concept Of Life : me for you, my sweet and loved brothers and my sweet and loved sisters, I am next to you in life, I share with you all of your moments, and together we continue on and in the contact between our hearts, in this concert of emotions, is a constant exchange between you and us, and so there comes a smile, you are not alone, Love is always with each one of you; listening is the only difficult part of our contact, and this is certainly not on our part, but on yours; with your mind you build this perception of reality, I see what exists, what is outside of this perception is not reality.


There are manifestations of flowers, of the wind, they are realities, from the many people to houses, they are manifestations, they are realities, even animals, birds or amphibious like the clouds in the Sky or the stars have their own reality, you can touch them, you can feel them, you can see them as they move or as they shine, everything that belongs to the reality belongs to my eyes.


This is the reality that your mind has created, the product of the mind is the thought that is founded on the basis of this tangible reality.


But let’s look around ourselves.


These people communicate, they accompany their thoughts with gestures or smiles, or other expressions, what are they really doing? Interacting, but what is interaction? There is not just an exchange of thoughts, there is an exchange of emotions. The brother who is listening feels emotions, and as he replies he shares emotions.


Even that flower that you put in the vase is not just a flower, it’s an emotion. What did he experience? The color? The scent? The shape? And if you bought it, or gifted it, it’s the emotion that it made you feel as you brought it with you.


A dog, a cat, like all animals, they are not just fur or a beak, whether they be adult or pups, they are emotions for you who, as you cuddle them, receive an exchange of affection, and the dog, the cat, like all animals, for you are first of all affection, and then they are a body.


And even those clouds are rain, or concentrations of water that speak to you of the planet, the water that is so vital to your life on the planet, it’s all contained in those clouds that move around the Sky, and there are so many promises looking up to the Sky, promises and waiting, and even the stars of the Sky bring you into contact with life, your sun, a condition of your life on earth for all living creatures.


Do you agree with me that this emotion is the real truth? Life is called emotion, the reality is a constant emotion. In this interiority, in the emotion, is where life and experience exist. In this emotion lays the concept of life, and the heart, the Soul for many, is the cause of this emotion. And all of your lives find their counterpoint in the emotion of the heart.


Life is inside the heart, inside the heart is our contact, life proceeds with our exchange. In the emotions that you are feeling there is the contact with the same emotions that we are all sending. In the Love that lights up in you is our help of our own Love, in the problems is the help of our own Love, in the sadness, in the pain is the comfort of our own Love, in the life with you there is all of our Love.


If you listen brothers , sisters, this heart that beats inside you, the constant emotions that you feel, with some attention you can discover that inside you there is a huge daily embrace, this is our way of loving you, together, united we are inside you.


These words I shared with you that I used in order to help you, they contain my heart and all of the Love that I feel for each one of you.


I always embrace you, inside you


Your brother Jesus Christ


In The Emotion The Concept Of Life The Real Truth was the Messages from Jesus Christ 30th April 2009


In The Emotion The Concept Of Life The Real Truth


In The Emotion The Concept Of Life


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