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Heart Talks About Love Our Actions

Heart Talks About Love Our Actions Focused On Wellbeing


Heart Talks About Love Our Actions : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, today we will think back to your heart, to when you were little, remembering all the affection that you lived, the moments when you were in need and you found arms that welcomed you, when you found comfort and also understanding, you were small but the memory is cemented within you.


Growing up, you had new memories of the Love that was donated to you, especially by some people, and the feeling that you felt toward other people, and new memories cemented in your heart. Even today, as you are adults, life brought you to place some memories of love in your heart. Some of you have created your own families and additional memories, sweet memories that crowd the heart.


As you look back into your heart you realize that the only memories that life leaves behind are memories linked to Love. In your memories, not even objects are separated from the affection that you felt in that moment.


When your heart speaks, it only talks about Love. In the memories is where you and your feelings actually are. When you were born on earth, the expression of you has always been through the feelings, the emotion has marked your days and your emotions have shaped your memories.


You see, brothers, sisters, it’s exactly the emotion, the feeling that speaks to you of the life that has gone, and once again it’s an emotion, a feeling that speaks of you of your life today.


The commitments you have, what you do every day, it is only building moments of experience for your emotions, for your feeling and every day leaves memories inside you.


This is what I allowed myself to do, to live my day.


Brothers, sisters, how many times did you stop listening to your heart, and just like a machine, you tended to your things to do, without feeling from your heart the actual meaning of what you are doing.


Every effort is aimed towards wellbeing, the wellbeing of others in the workplace, the wellbeing of the family, the wellbeing of your companion, for your children, for others who share your existence with you, for others who need help.


This is the meaning of your action: at all times, doing every thing you do for others is dedicated to their wellbeing.


Here the emotion is present, in the meaning of every single thing you do. If, despite your numerous daily chores, you think of the emotion of what you are doing, then your life, your day, will become an experience and a memory of the emotions you felt, a memory of the emotions that you feel inside you, a precious memory of a life that has been lived.


This is the memory that speaks of you, today I have been, I have lived, I felt my affection, I spent my day living from my heart, today I have more experience because I felt from my heart, and I wish myself a good night.


It’s certainly not difficult to live life thinking of your heart, our actions focused on wellbeing are constant, and this awareness illuminates every day with feeling.


For a smile to always appear on your face it’s necessary to have this contact with the heart, because life within yourselves is in the feeling, in the meaning of your own actions.


With all of my heart,


Your brother Jesus Christ


Heart Talks About Love Our Actions Focused On Wellbeing was the Messages from Jesus Christ 04 May 2009


Heart Talks About Love Our Actions Focused On Wellbeing


Heart Talks About Love Our Actions


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