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Being Brothers To One Another Teaching

Being Brothers To One Another Teaching Messages From Jesus


Being Brothers To One Another Teaching : my loved brothers, my loved sisters, I am with you today as always, to speak to you with my heart, to speak to you of Love and to give you a help of Love; being a brother for me has meaning the second you look at other brothers with the intention of sending them your own Love, and to help them face this situation that presents itself in life; a brother is feeling in your own heart that you are running to help, as a way to send your feeling that you are experiencing inside your heart.


It’s the feeling you experience that defines a brother.


And here you are, among your brothers, wanting to donate Love, and expressing your presence through your words, and manifesting your affection through your help.


Situations in life, brothers have many situations in life, you just need to look at all the problems that affect the planet to understand the immense need of help that every brother is manifesting.


Among these, the biggest problem is that of being a brother.


Being a brother, today and in the future, draws its meaning from the affection that is inside the heart. As this affection is brought to the world, in this moment there is an effort of bringing it to light, thus illuminating everything around it. In this effort there is a desire to share with others what you are feeling in the heart, and a desire to communicate it through the words and the actions of your entire being. This effort is what allows you to express yourselves in the world, to be an expression of yourselves as Love in the world.


I am expression of myself in the world every time I communicate to others, from the heart, those feelings that are inside me.


In the contact with my feelings, the other person recognizes me as a brother. This is the precious meaning of being myself in the world, being recognized by other brothers.


A brother is a person who desires your wellbeing. A brother is someone you feel is at your side. A brother is a person who donates his help at a time when you need it. A brother is someone you can count on. A brother is exactly the contact with his heart.


Think of your days, as you go about on the streets, all those people, wouldn’t it be wonderful to meet brothers as they exchange affection, little acts of kindness, even just through little gestures, wouldn’t you end up feeling much more close to one another? Wouldn’t you have the feeling that you live in a world that is much more harmonious? Wouldn’t you feel that you can be there for your brothers? Wouldn’t you feel stronger when facing your problems? Wouldn’t you feel a lot of additional hope inside your heart?


All this becomes possible the moment when you, within that movement, bring to the world all of the affection of your heart, and you start being brothers to one another.


In the sun that sets every day there is this sweet message, raise your heart high up and illuminate the world with sweet affection.


My brothers, I embrace you with all of my Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


Being Brothers To One Another Teaching Messages From Jesus was the Messages from Jesus Christ 7th May 2009


Being Brothers To One Another Teaching Messages From Jesus


Being Brothers To One Another


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