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Feeling Like A Brother In A World

Feeling Like A Brother In A World That Is Evolving


Feeling Like A Brother In A World : my sweet and loved brothers and my sweet and loved sisters, it’s sweet to feel your heart, whenever you love a star lights up in the heart, you love and from the heart the light of Love illuminates the Universe, and this allows me to feel your heart as it loves; I notice so much sweetness, I notice it, it invades my own love, one of my brothers is giving love, one of my sisters is giving love, and in an instant I join you and I add my Love to yours.


So many stars in this Universe, many of them are constantly alight, there are already brothers in a world that is evolving who feel their precious Love for this precious journey; next to them there are other stars that are beginning to understand the meaning of the existence that is all marked by the experience of Love, and other stars next to them are getting to know life, the life that lights up with meaning in the Love, and sometimes this Love that they are getting to know inside their own heart, that shines from the heart, presents itself in the sweet emotions next to those who have always given a lot of important to their own thoughts and has placed some distance from listening to their own hearts.


In this equilibrium is how help moves, the effort of your help, the effort of the entire Sky right next to you.


My loved brothers, my loved sisters, every step you take produces a change in this equilibrium; evolution, change, growth, they all come from the Love of every single step, and feeling brothers is the result of every single action coming from Love. The outcome is renewed equilibrium that can allow new evolution.


Evolution means moving the equilibrium toward a greater manifestation of Love, and this is decided in every single step that you take, because every choice of Love produces evolution.


You are creatures who are free, and with free will you shape your whole equilibrium, you have full responsibility to lead your steps in the Love, or giving space to selfishness, either way you have freedom, freedom and responsibility, each one of you has responsibility toward everybody, every brother, every sister, every brother has responsibility toward the world in which you are living.


From the heart, you help build the moment for all at all times, from the heart you can give evolution to create from the heart, from your Love, you will do this for Love.


Brothers, it’s so sweet to be at your side, and to love together with you, it’s so sweet to help you love, it’s so sweet being with you and sharing the journey of evolution with you.


With all of my heart


Your brother Jesus Christ


Feeling Like A Brother In A World That Is Evolving was the Message from Jesus Christ 11th May 2009


Feeling Like A Brother In A World That Is Evolving


Feeling Like A Brother In A World


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