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Let’s Talk About Love The Secret Behind Joy

Let’s Talk About Love The Secret Behind Joy messages


Let’s Talk About Love The Secret Behind Joy : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, today let’s continue to talk about Being; being brothers, as I said, is in the heart, the Love inside you, the light that lights up when you love, it is generated inside you every time you, as a brother, approach another person, recognizing inside him the same heart that beats in  you, the same Soul that is inside you; as you approach them, precisely because recognition is inside your heart, your heart actually makes contact with the heart of the other person.


Making contact means to listen, to understand your emotions and to ask yourselves about what your heart is feeling. Once you understand the affection inside you, you communicate with the other person the emotions that you felt. Reciprocal listening allows the two hearts an experience of contact, an experience of speaking from the feelings, of feeling in the help the other heart that is mobilizing in the Love, and all this talking about Love takes place inside the heart.


This is the meaning of being a brother: you and the other person speaking of Love. This meaning helps you. Many times it’s not even a specific advice given that is of the most help, but the Love that the heart transmitted towards us that represents the help. In this contact, your help experiences help.


My loved brothers, my loved sisters, I look at you, many of you are ready to mobilize the Love inside them, they are ready, but they wait for the right opportunity; well, brothers and sisters, you are the ones creating the right opportunity inside yourselves, Love is inside you, go ahead and communicate it, allow yourselves freedom to create an opportunity by simply communicating who you are; the more freedom you will give your heart to express itself, the more you will create opportunities to experiment a contact, even if for just one moment, with another heart, and you will have helped. The emotion will accompany the other person and the emotion will accompany you too.


And once again emotions will be born inside you as you communicate your Being, you will love this freedom of expression more and more with time, because your Being is manifesting itself, you bring Love, you are Love.


There is so much happiness locked up inside freedom, in the heart that pushes you to make contact there is always a desire to express yourselves in true freedom.


And this, my brothers, my sisters, is the secret behind joy, communicating in full freedom this emotion of Love that you carry inside you.


I spoke to you in joy, in joy I embrace all of you my brothers and my sisters with all of my Love.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Let’s Talk About Love The Secret Behind Joy was the Message from Jesus Christ 14th May 2009


Let’s Talk About Love The Secret Behind Joy messages


Let’s Talk About Love The Secret Behind Joy


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