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The Love In Life Rediscovery

The Love In Life Rediscovery And Full Expression Of Yourselves


The Love In Life Rediscovery : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, every moment of your life is in the Love, as you feel right inside every moment of your life, as you feel your own heart as it communicates the emotions you are feeling, your life flows; every emotion that your heart is feeling gives meaning to the moment of life that is being lived.


My brothers, sisters, life as a journey is made up by a series of moments of emotion. Through Love you lead your existence in your bodies and through the moments of understanding you will give meaning to the life you have lived, moment after moment.


Getting to know yourselves in full freedom takes on a lot of meaning, today you are Love on earth, Love that is conquering its freedom to express itself inside every condition that may present itself. You are the Love that you carry, in the expression of yourselves within your emotions.


Moreover, an experience of yourselves as Love becomes meaningful as an opportunity to participate to growth, to the evolution of all brothers at large.


This is life, for you, for others, life that goes on, that is being felt through the moments of Love of the heart.


Life is understanding of what you are feeling about you, through your emotions, the process of discovery is in this, in feeling the emotions that define what you are experiencing is the discovery of yourselves, the discovery in what you are feeling of what you truly are, discovery of being a heart that reacts or that loves. You are a heart that expresses itself in the Love and in another moment the discovery of being a heart that contracts, that contracts in its freedom to express itself fully because it is a heart that is reacting and these are the opportunities that life constantly places before you, Love, and reactions that determine the discovery of yourselves through all of these perceptions. The discovery of yourselves as you perceive your own heart contractions brings you to the understanding and to your own choice of expression for tomorrow.


Many of brothers who, over time, have accepted my guidance and over time have been experimenting themselves in full knowledge, have progressively abandoned those contractions, moments of reaction, and instead they try to fill their lives with many opportunities in their life journey in the emotion and in ever greater freedom of what they truly are. This is the real fruit of your life: rediscovery and full expression of yourselves.


Life is inside the heart, precious life, life in the Love.


With Love I embrace you


Your Brother Jesus Christ


The Love In Life Rediscovery And Full Expression Of Yourselves was the Message from Jesus Christ 18th May 2009


The Love In Life Rediscovery And Full Expression Of Yourselves


The Love In Life Rediscovery


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