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Contact Is Knowledge And An Experience

Contact Is Knowledge And An Experience Of Love


Contact Is Knowledge And An Experience : my sweet and loved brothers and my sweet and loved sisters, I always speak to you from the heart, my words always speak of Love, because Love is always inside me when I meet with each one of you and because it’s always Love that is inside you, inside each one of you brothers and sisters; think, everyday on earth you mature an experience right inside your heart, experience of yourselves in the emotions, and an experience of others in what they feel inside their heart.


Every experience of contact among hearts is an experience of Love, Love speaks in the emotion, every emotion speaks to you of your Love, every emotion sent from other people speaks to you of their Love. Therefore, contact is an experience of Love.


Through your expressing yourselves from the heart, you learn how the heart is important with every emotion, not only for you, for your knowledge of yourselves, but also as knowledge of the other person’s heart.


In the many words spoken, sometimes the emotion felt is hidden, thoughts and opinions do not allow the heart to feel, just like in discussions, rivers of words are uttered, but there is no expression of the emotion, words charged with emotions determine the contact with the heart. Contact is knowledge, of you and of the other, of what you are.


If you listen to others speaking of emotions, you are having an experience of that heart, did you notice with how much attention you feel yourselves participating form the heart? It’s because you are gaining experience, the emotion expands and so does the understanding of what that heart may be feeling; that is your experience of that heart, of what is moving inside you, experience, you are constantly growing in this experience. Often the result is a change in your thoughts, in your opinions, this experience of the heart determines an understanding of the truth. Your emotion, that is your Love, is listening to an emotion, to the Love of the other, this is what always determines change in the direction of the truth.


Often you accept the change in the contact with Love, often you feel the change in the contact with Love, and only contact between hearts can produce all this; the Love fulfilled is a constant contact among hearts, constant experience of contact and growth and constant understanding of hearts.


I am with you, this is Being with your heart.


My loved brothers, my loved sisters, I am with each one of you.


With all of the love of my heart


Your brother Jesus Christ


Contact Is Knowledge And An Experience Of Love was the Messages from Jesus Christ 21st May 2009


Contact Is Knowledge And An Experience Of Love


Contact Is Knowledge And An Experience


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