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The Heart Is As A Crystal

The Heart Is As A Crystal The Discovery Of The Purity Inside You


The Heart Is As A Crystal : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, with a sweet smile my voice speaks to you, the sweet smile is the manifestation of the Love that I carry inside my heart for you, it’s my Love that is speaking to you, it’s the emotion I feel inside my heart that speaks to you, my heart is a crystal that speaks to you, the purity of my heart speaking to you, as I donate myself to you, I bring this experience from my heart.


I understand all of your difficulties in accepting completely my Love, you are living in a world that exists to experiment Love, the eyes do not see, and around you there are brothers who do not know respect, loyalty, they are closed in their hearts and their every action brings damage and discomfort and pain to many many people. “Is it possible that this creature”, you may ask yourselves “is the also a child of the same Father?” and your pain demands an answer.


With Love every child was created, from Love every child was born, he possesses the same crystal inside him, but its purity is the result of a long journey of awareness of yourselves, of knowledge that you too are maturing during this experience on earth.


If in front of your eyes you will see the mistake as an example of a crystal that is covered with dirt and that can not rediscover its brightness, you are making your journey go the opposite way, a brightness that can only be discovered inside the heart.


Look at the brightness of the many brothers who put a lot of effort for others, and who dedicate their Love to you. Examples, look at the brightness of hearts, feed from them, they are examples, brothers, who have discovered themselves and perform the role of the guide for you.


And to us, to the Love fulfilled, your eyes, the voice that continues to guide you to the discovery of the crystal from the heart, the discovery of the light that you carry, discovery of that same purity inside you.


This Love that accompanies you, is all for you, it asks for nothing, it only helps you, you see my precious brothers, my precious sisters, when you hear the voice of your heart, the immense Love that moves inside you, when you feel complete as you feel Love, the only wish is to help every brother, every sister discover yourselves and feel this immense joy in which you live, and this is the only wish for the Sky for you: to love you and to help you.


The manifested Love is for you, it’s helping your journey in the progressive discovery of what the Father placed inside you, an enormous crystal that emanates light into the infinite, this is the heart, this is the Love that is inside each one of you.


If you communicate Love, your crystal will unveil itself and through this crystal you will gain the experience.


My Love, and always my smile, to all of you.


Your brother Jesus Christ


The Heart Is As A Crystal The Discovery Of The Purity Inside You was the Messages from Jesus Christ 25th May 2009


The Heart Is As A Crystal The Discovery Of The Purity Inside You


The Heart Is As A Crystal


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