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Thought On Life And Awareness

Thought On Life And Awareness Of Your Feelings


Thought On Life And Awareness : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, the thought of your life is endless, the things to do, things to worry about, chores in life, problems of education, your mind is always full of thoughts, your life is in the things to do, and for many of you your usual thoughts are about tomorrow.


Tomorrow will not be any different from what today was.


And so the life flows among your thoughts and your things you do. This thought that hides the emotion, it’s a lot of thinking, but what about the feeling?


Every instant has life in your heart, your heart is an endless emotion, emotion that sends signals in the unawareness of what you are feeling, emoting that speaks of you and that communicates with the heart of the other person what you are feeling. Your thoughts continue to overrule it, while you communicate from the heart with others.


For just an instant you look at your image reflected in the eyes of the other, in the reaction of the others, but then the thought runs on to the next chores to do.


Some sweet moments are mistaken for moments of misunderstanding, you think of what you are doing at all times, you attribute to your actions either a thank you or a refusal. The image of you is in what you have done, and not in what you have communicated.


There are brothers who notice things about themselves when they have passed away, they relive the entire experience done on earth, and they notice that they have always transmitted from the heart information to others about their feelings, their own emotions, because in their every gesture there was their own heart that was experiencing, and they understand in that moment of the end of their lives on earth what they have truly left behind about themselves in the heart of others.


These emotions, you noticed them in that moment, is what you will leave behind. In the pain of a heart, feeling that you have been an example in the course of a life with your gestures that sent your emotions, they reflected the image of yourselves form the heart of other people, and you confront yourselves with this image and it’s a constant discovery in the contact with other hearts, and the image of you that you left behind.


“You were right” is the most common comment, “I have been with you”. And shame or joy is what is felt, but it is felt now, in the impossibility of being able to correct or share that joy.


What I told you my loved brothers and my loved sisters, is so that you can always have a constant awareness of your feelings, of what your heart sends to other people, you are an example in every situation, a teacher of yourselves to other, an expression is what you did but coming from your heart, and it builds your image in the heart of others. May you be always listening to your heart, may you always be in contact with the objective of Love, with the value of every single gesture and always send the truth of what you are by means of what you feel. You are a constant example of yourselves, an important awareness.


With all of my heart, an embrace of Love.




Your brother Jesus Christ


Thought On Life And Awareness Of Your Feelings was the Messages from Jesus Christ 1st June 2009


Thought On Life And Awareness Of Your Feelings


Thought On Life And Awareness


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