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You Build Your Contact On Love

You Build Your Contact On Love Address As Love Those You Speak To


You Build Your Contact On Love : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, my joy for you is inside my heart, the joy I am feeling right now inside me is because right now, as I dictate these words for you, I am giving a voice to the immense Love I have for you; what I am feeling is the emotion that allows me to understand the difficulties you are going through as you live your lives on earth, and to guide you, through words, to the rediscovery of the life of the heart, of your emotions, of the great Love that is inside your hearts; while I speak to you I am inside the heart, in my heart, in my emotion, in my Love, I speak and you feel the expression of my emotion, I speak and my words are sending inside your hearts what I am feeling, feeling loved, feeling the Love that I send you, the Love I transmit, your heart is what listens to the words from my heart.


Right now, this is the experience of Love between us, and the important part right now is that even when I will have stopped speaking, my feeling, my emotion will linger inside your hearts as the result of our contact.


I speak to you from the heart and the heart will be left with the experience of our contact.


In life it’s you that is speaking to many other brothers, with many other sisters, you have companions, children, parents, you have built relationships with friends, with colleagues, even with the newsagent person or the person that sells you the washing liquid. You have your emotions in your heart, you feel tied to each one of these human beings by virtue of the emotions that you feel, maybe you even have a cat, a pet and you also feel emotions for them, you confidently start from the heart to demonstrate your emotions to them, and as a first communication to your contact; affection, address as Love those you speak to, Friend if the emotion is that of friendship, Antonio if that is the name of the parent, communicate from yourselves from the first contact the special creature that the person is for you, a wonderful smile and enthusiasm when meeting every creature for whom you feel sympathy, and show consideration to those who have stirred a bond of value and respect inside you.


You will first of all bring the emotion you felt in your heart with your contact, what you will transmit will be the fruit, the experience of your heart in the heart of the other, even after your contact will have terminated.


This is Love, not doing things, this transmits much more from your heart than hours and hours taking care of material things for the other person.


You build your contact on Love, Love is what is heeded by the heart, Love builds your image in the heart of the other, Love is what will be remembered today and tomorrow, and Love is what reminds you that you are a heart that expresses itself as it moves on earth and you get to know yourselves. The heart lives in its emotion, gaining experience on earth and this is how it lives.


With all of my Love I embrace you in the joy


Your brother Jesus Christ


You Build Your Contact On Love Address As Love Those You Speak To was the Messages from Jesus Christ4th June 2009


You Build Your Contact On Love Address As Love Those You Speak To


You Build Your Contact On Love


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