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The Existence Of The Sky Constant Love

The Existence Of The Sky Constant Love That Reaches Earth


The Existence Of The Sky : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, I am with you and my entire heart is here talking to you, my entire Love is here, and my entire hope as a brother, to help you; understanding, being together with you in life, helps me find the words that belong to your reality to send to your hearts the impressions that the hearts in front of me make clear, but that your eyes can not yet discern.


There are some moments where the Sky sends you important manifestations of presence, some seem to be directed to a single person, others seem to involve a large part of this humanity, this “Why isn’t there a constant, continuous manifestation from the Sky?”, today I would like to explain this to all of you who are listening to me.


Let’s begin with the manifestation. Today there is a test for some brothers over the existence of the Sky; let’s suppose that the Virgin Mary appeared to those people, these people are her children, like all other children, but they have hope for a contact inside their hearts. Religion taught them about the presence of God, but that heart already feels like her child, and he harbors hope inside himself that, at some point in his life, there may be a contact. And so the apparition takes place for those hearts. And the message from the Virgin Mary is that of Love for every one of her children, constant Love that reaches earth to be of support, it is Love and understanding and respect for every child.


Once they hear in the light the words of the Mother, these children bring the message to many other brothers around them.


The manifestation completed itself, the message will be spread all around and will be shared across lands nearby and these words will reach many other brothers.


Now it’s your moment, you could hear those words as a child, welcome the Love for your heart and as you acknowledge the existence of the Mother of Love, you place inside the heart the light that sent you to illuminate your actions through your life. In your freedom, all this is possible.


On the contrary, you could have doubts, think that all of this could be made up, put down the message as vested interests for money, being visionaries, mental problems, changes to a sick mind, all this, also in complete freedom, is possible.


For many, only science can give signs of authenticity, and so they use sensitive tools and instruments, but what for? To explain the reality of matter, but can you measure the integrity of a person? The absence of psychological or mental problems does give you a measure of integrity; it removes some doubts, sure, but how can it give recognition to the authenticity of the message received by the Virgin Mary? You see, the doubt persists.


If in this moment there was also a new manifestation, it would not be met by actual hearts, but it would be met by resistance, the byproduct of that doubt.


However, the hearts that have opened up to that message, and as children have recognized themselves, from that moment on they begin to look at life with more Love, being on earth, all those brothers moving around them, and they begin to spread the Love they found all around their realities. There are no manifestations, but there are those words that run inside the hearts and with the contact they light up hope, and inside their own hearts comes the message from the Mother for her children. And every child, in the freedom given to him, will either take advantage of it, or will react with doubt, or will turn to science for answers.


My beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, you believe that every manifestation is there to put some hearts into movement, when you question yourselves there is movement, when you accept there is always movement, even when you have doubts or when science investigates there is movement.


This movement is the intent that is at the core of every manifestation that reaches you. Movement to recall your attention to your being a Spirit as well as a body, attention to the existence of a reality that the eyes can not pick up on but that is present, attention to the content of the message that defines Love as this reality and attention to the emotion that you feel that communicates the authenticity of the heart.


Through the hearts comes progress, as long as it is Love that guides existence, there will be progress for everyone.


In every manifestation, my dear children allow me to say this, I come to you to speak to you inside your heart, in every manifestation I team up with you, every word that was said is for you my children, every message is for the heart of every child of mine, I come to manifest myself for you, it is my Love for you, because I love you, because you are my creatures and my Love always remains with you. I love you from the heart, to the heart of every child of mine I love you.


This message arrived for you, the message of the Mother


Embraced to my child, I say goodbye my loved ones.


The Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ for you


The Existence Of The Sky Constant Love That Reaches Earth was the Messages of Jesus Christ 8th June 2009


The Existence Of The Sky Constant Love That Reaches Earth


The Existence Of The Sky


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