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The Awareness Of The Spirit The Real Life

The Awareness Of The Spirit The Real Life Continues In The Sky


The Awareness Of The Spirit The Real Life : my sweet and loved brothers and my sweet and loved sisters, there is a sweet contact from my heart with your heart, my Love with your heart, my eyes are upon you and they are looking at your hearts and they tell your emotions for this brother who, in your opinion, lost his life betting on the idea that life, the real life, continues on and takes place in the Sky.


My journey taught you that being on earth means experimenting yourselves, it’s a moment in which to experiment yourselves inside your heart, in the Love, in all of the conditions that present themselves in the experience and in that freedom, I taught you that the act of placing Love is a choice that is made time after time, you can experiment Love inside you and in the moment when you give word to your heart, to that great affection that is present inside our hearts, to Love, the most precious gift that you have ever received and this gift is of the Father.


That voice that you are listening to, that fills that thought with meaning, that action, that intervention in help, it remains inside you, registered inside your hearts, that voice, the voice of the heart, it’s the same voice that, once this moment of experimentation on earth concludes, will be speaking to you reminding you of the moments that you had lived from the heart. The voice will speak to you and in that moment your own awareness of the Spirit from inside you will analyze this Love that you expressed during your existence on earth. You will gain a picture of yourselves in that moment, a consideration about yourselves that will guide you to being happiness, satisfied, or dissatisfied, with what has been your journey on earth.


Happiness is feeling like Paradise is inside you, and even being satisfied bears inside the a translation of happiness, while being dissatisfied is feeling the sin inside, Love sacrificed in the name of selfishness, reason sacrificed in the name of your Self, this is the actual hell for a heart who does not even feel worthy of Paradise anymore.


My loved brothers and my loved sisters, I continue to teach you within the happiness of my help of Love for you, and I feel joy when I remind you all the time that in each one of you Love reigns free, and to remind you to live this experience like it is a treasure that is made up of the voice of the heart.


These messages, my teachings, I donate them to you with you because when you experiment yourselves you may speak more and more from a place of Love, and may lead to an experience that will make you feel more and more joy to be yourselves.


I will add that nothing is impossible, leaving selfishness is a choice for growth, loving others like you love yourselves is a choice of growth, having in the heart the wellness for everyone is a choice of growth, feeling like you are all brothers is a choice of growth, every thing that speaks of Love is a choice of growth. Therefore, building your own Paradise or your own Inferno is your choice, and this life, your experience on earth, builds this moment after moment. Being on earth is a precious experience, take advantage of this advice.


I want to embrace you with all of my Love, there is forgiveness if it is followed by change, the same forgiveness that you allow to yourselves.


I embrace all of you, you are all my brothers and sisters, I think of your happiness.


Your brother Jesus Christ


The Awareness Of The Spirit The Real Life Continues In The Sky was the Messages of Jesus Christ 11th June 2009


The Awareness Of The Spirit The Real Life Continues In The Sky


The Awareness Of The Spirit The Real Life


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