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Messages Of Virgin Mother Mary Do Love

Messages Of Virgin Mother Mary Do Love My Children


Messages Of Virgin Mother Mary Do Love


My much beloved children, today your Mother speaks for you, to tell you that my Love for my children is great, the Love we feel for each one of you my children is great. I have come to remind you that the entire Sky is pure Love for you, for each one of my children, for all creatures, for the entire creation.


I would like to speak to you of what the heart tells me for you, go ahead and give love my children, love all of your brothers, give love despite life’s difficulties, my children, do give love despite the fact that the effort to educate them is difficult, my children, do love the entire creation because without earth there can not be life on the planet.


My children, do love despite the difficulties, and the benefit from a life lived from the heart will be joy.


My children, do love despite situations of need, of suffering, despite worries about sickness, or pain for a loss, because your condition is to be infinite and everything will return together.


My children, do love, despite your needs or the few satisfactions, because through love is how life enters the heart.


My creatures, do love, always turn your gaze toward Us, from here is our constant help for you, I listen to you, I take you by the hand I speak to you and talk about Love, I comfort your heart and I help you with my Love to love others, despite all difficulties.


My children, love, and your Love will overcome obstacles.


My children, love, and your Love will become an experience for all.


My children, love, and donate your heart to everyone because life means loving at all times and happiness will consist of reaping the Love you had sowed in every moment of your life.


My children, love through every situation and you will reap happiness for yourselves.


My children, love, my children, love this life despite the many difficulties and you will reap the joy of having loved despite the problems you had.


My children, do even the smallest thing with Love, place your heart at the center of your existence and love, my children.


I am always with you


With all of the immensity of my Love for you, my loved ones.


The Virgin Mother Mary


Messages Of Virgin Mother Mary Do Love My Children was the Messages of Virgin Mother Mary 22 June 2009


Messages Of Virgin Mother Mary Do Love My Children


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