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Party In The Heart My Only Desire

Party In The Heart My Only Desire Is To Give You My Love


Party In The Heart My Only Desire : my dear and loved brothers and my dear and loved sisters, I come to you with a party in my heart, my Love that shines inside me for you is a triumph of color, up to the tiniest of color hues is Love for you my loved brothers, my loved sisters; today I have a party in my heart “maybe it is a special day”, I hear you think, but no, it’s precisely the day itself that is placing the party in my heart, being with you, this is my day, together, speaking to you and helping you, looking at you and communicating to your heart all of my Love, facing together the problems while I send you hope from my heart, my day is Love dedicated to you; the outcome of my effort of Love will come later, this, my feeling, the Love that brings me to you is this party that I feel inside my heart.


The party in my heart is in the feeling that pushes me to help you. This is my day to love you, this is my day to give you my Love. We are united, together, my only desire is to give you my Love.


There is much that is awaiting me in this day, an effort of Love, and the entire past is an effort of Love, however, my brothers, and sisters, in this precise moment when I send you my Love and I am bringing you the light of my love, I can feel the push, the yearning, the tension of my feeling that is dedicated to you, and by feeling the Love inside me, I feel how wonderful my heart is, and for me it is joy to feel how great the Love for you is.


Is there a meaning in living if we do not feel the heart?


How can I feel myself if not through my own heart?


How can I feel the passion if my heart is silent when I do listen do it?


How can I reap joy from life if not by questioning myself over what I do feel?


How can I embrace life despite all its difficulties if I do not listen to the feeling that envelopes me completely?


This is the teaching, the Love we bring is inside us, the basis with which we face life is inside what we feel, in my feeling is the reason for my contact with others, in what I feel inside me is the meaning of every new day, the Love I feel for life is inside me, what I feel for you is above every outcome. I love you, and sending you my Love is the meaning of every day.


Why don’t you interrogate your heart and don’t ask yourselves “Who do I feel love for?” and then go ahead and love that “Who”, despite every communication coming from that “Who”? And allow your Love to illuminate your day.


Question your heart and you will feel the Love inside you light up and tell you “This is the Love that you are feeling, it’s beautiful, isn’t it? You wish well, you want to help people in their lives, you desire for those hearts to shine with so much happiness, your own heart reflects so much sweetness, this is what you are feeling for those you love, this feeling is wonderful, this is what you are when you love and now we just have to communicate this beautiful Love that you have inside your heart, inside you”


I wish you a happy day my loved brothers and my loved sisters, a day from the heart, a day of Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


Party In The Heart My Only Desire Is To Give You My Love was the Messages of Jesus Christ 18th June 2009


Party In The Heart My Only Desire Is To Give You My Love


Party In The Heart My Only Desire


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