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Messages Of Jesus I Taught You To Be Love

Messages Of Jesus I Taught You To Be Love words


Messages Of Jesus I Taught You To Be Love : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, I come among you and I bring you my infinite Love, infinite affection, so you may touch it through every word, I am dictating this message for you; being among you with all of my heart, this is the desire I hope you feel through my words; being my heart so you can feel the Love that is inside me; being present here to donate infinite Love to you, a Love that I have always felt from my heart for you.


I would like to talk to you about the Love among yourselves. Through every message of Love I have talked to you, with Love I have taught you to see life as an opportunity with which you can experiment yourselves, see what you truly are, your Spirit, and again through teaching I have always invited you to mobilize the Love of your heart through your meetings with your brother, whenever you face many situations in life brought to you doing so with your heart, I invited you to take me as an example to always increase the discovery of how great the Love that beats inside you is, through every message I invited you so much to love, interventions, closeness, help, having in your heart that brother, your unconditional help, I invited you to be your brother’s eyes with your eyes, I taught you to tend to your earth, every creature, the air you breathe right up to the tiniest plant, I taught you to protect your environment for you and for those who will arrive tomorrow to grow up on this earth, to experiment themselves

on this earth. I taught you, in one word, to be Love.


Every teaching of mine was addressed to your heart and has always been a message to your heart to start loving again, a message that discovers the heart in itself while it gives love. I taught you during your journey to be present with every difficulty because for the life of the heart it is always possible to love and I told you many times that the experience of life on earth is like being at school and learning to be yourselves by expanding more and more your Love form inside your own heart.


Being there for you on earth is a fundamental step for your growth and the fruit that it will bring for you tomorrow, the joy inside you is in this life, and it’s in your heart, it is gaining experience by loving.


For this reason every message of mine to your heart is so important, it’s my help in building your happiness by being next to you and by facing life together with you, listening to the difficulties and always responding from the heart, giving your Love while facing life.


I will leave you with a thought, a gentle stimulation to reflection, sometimes a new way of interpreting events, this is my Love that only wants future joy for you, and my sweet help is always for you, so may this happiness always be more and more also on earth, rediscovering itself as a unit of Love in the heart.


This aims to be a reflection: as you experiment yourselves there is the entire meaning of the experience that you are leading, by loving you are giving meaning to every moment of your life, you fulfill for yourselves your projects of life, discovering yourselves in the joy, in the passion in the Love that is inside you.


You are all in my heart, you are all in my arms.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Messages Of Jesus I Taught You To Be Love was the Message of Jesus Christ 25th June 2009


Messages Of Jesus I Taught You To Be Love words


Messages Of Jesus I Taught You To Be Love


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