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In The Heart There Is Expression Of Spirit

In The Heart There Is Expression Of The Spirit messages


In The Heart There Is Expression Of Spirit : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, here I am with you, happy to help you and give consolation to those hearts that today are feeling hurt from the many difficulties of life on earth, today I would like to talk to you about your journeys, to understand and give meaning to every experience that you go through.


You see, my brothers, it’s important to understand that in every journey there is a great opportunity for the fulfillment of yourselves. Every journey leads to the realization of yourselves with the end of every journey being the realization of yourselves.


Through the thousands of moments that make up the experience of time, you go through your journey. Inside you, life is made up of this succession of moments, moments that have seen the life from the heart.


While life flows as you are doing things, it is also the succession of moments where there was expression of the heart. This succession of moments is what defines you, it defines yourselves in your journey.


You understand that the opportunities where it has been possible to give voice to your heart are innumerable; experience after experience the heart defines your journey. Endless experiences, endless possibilities, they all define your journey.


When in the heart you feel your Love being mobilized, you are living in a fraction of life from the heart, and you are moving forward in your journey, you are adding experience of life form the heart, and you are conquering your complete fulfillment.


To be able to fulfill itself, the heart needs constant discovery of the Love mobilized and an expression to the outside of what has been mobilized.


In the heart there is expression of the Spirit, The Spirit that you bring from the Sky into your body, the container that, with all of its attributes, allows you life on earth.


All of you, before being born, have reached a great evolution and have placed conditions in place to be able to achieve even greater evolution. This project is to give love in those conditions that you predetermined, even painful ones, and you defined to be an expression of Love despite the pain. Being Love through every condition is the journey of growth determined by everyone for their evolution. This acceptance of the moment, of your own condition, to be in that experience, is extremely important, because every condition is the experience for the Spirit for your own evolution. The second that there is acceptance, every heart can resume its journey toward the complete expression of itself, and thus reaching that desired evolution for yourselves.


You are in this moment of your life, living these predetermined conditions, this is experience for the heart, experience of your Love in the present moment, and it’s only by mobilizing your Love that you gather experience and you can continue on your evolutionary journey; give your love also in these conditions, and by loving you will reach the evolution that brought you to choose the condition in which you are moving now. You will love this condition tomorrow if you will have been able to love while in this condition.


Inside us there is support, inside us there is Love that is always with you, we walk with you, we are united with you, together, together in every condition.


A wonderful embrace full of hope.


Your brother Jesus Christ


In The Heart There Is Expression Of The Spirit was the Messages of Jesus Christ 29th June 2009


In The Heart There Is Expression Of The Spirit messages


In The Heart There Is Expression Of Spirit


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