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Be More Aware Of The Present Moment

Be More Aware Of The Present Moment The Present Is Right Now


Be More Aware Of The Present Moment : my sweet and loved brothers and my sweet and loved sisters, the time has come to dictate my words for you and as sweetness invades my heart, I feel with you, I feel I am for you, brothers, sisters, I hug you to my heart with my sweetness, come on, let’s continue to talk and seek to help you be more aware of the present moment, the present is right now, later will be that precise moment in the present.


Being yourselves, the present defines your expression of yourselves; you are thought, gesture, action, in the present moment, what you communicates defines the present moment, every nuance from the past, the past from your lives is present in the moment that expresses how every objective you want to reach is present in the moment that speaks to you; the past and objectives for the future define with the heart in that moment your own present. You are All in the instant of the present, and from that moment your definition in the present moment.


Your present is a moment of awareness where awareness means presence of yourselves in the moment; brothers, sisters, awareness, presence to yourselves, it’s being in the manifestation, in the expression of yourselves, in being yourselves, present and aware in the present moment, present and aware in the communication that you are sending. This is definition. I am.


This I am is defined in the relation, in the contact with others; through the experience of the contact in being yourselves we can discover our identity, the I that we are expressing in that moment. I am in the expression of me and what I am expressing has meaning for the other but also for me, as I discover myself in the present moment.


Taking stock of my past, the objective I feel, what I am now, what I feel for the person that I am embodying, what is this moment of interaction, I am sowing parts of myself and I am creating this reality that is the fruit of me.


This present moment is the expression of what I am; expression through me of what I am, I am representing myself as an expression of me to the rest, where the rest is the All, of which I am an integral part.


The All and not just a part of it is influenced by the moment in the expression of self, even the eyes concentrate on a single element, the body, the creation, every expression participates to the All.


I recommended responsibility and today I recommend presence and awareness that your every expression determines a much bigger reality, the field, that surrounds everything.


The I am is not just a part of the All, the I determines the All. The I am determines the more complete reality.


I embrace you again in the heart my brothers, my sisters, I am with you in the present moment, my Love is with you in the present moment, the expression of my Love determines the All in the present moment.


From the heart, in the peace


Your brother Jesus Christ


Be More Aware Of The Present Moment The Present Is Right Now was the Message dictated 16th November 2009


Be More Aware Of The Present Moment The Present Is Right Now


Be More Aware Of The Present Moment


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