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What Role Do Your Feelings Have In Your Life

What Role Do Your Feelings Have In Your Life The Life That Is Inside Me


What Role Do Your Feelings Have In Your Life : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, my heart shines, I surround you with peace, I have this emotion of Love, with all of my heart, I find the right words to be of help to you, in this peace I feel I am with you; in front of our eyes is this life, in the freedom of expressing completely the feeling that the heart experiences; for you, in defining it a life, the contact with things, with the events of reality; what role do your feelings have in your life? in the heart you feel an emotion, but the events pose a continuous distraction, those bodies, the situations in which you move, everything distracts you from fully feeling the contact with your emotions; what for us is freedom to live ourselves to feel, for you it’s still an important process that is still under way.


Your entire world seems to distract you from yourselves, from what you feel, from the heart, perhaps your eyes can see but only when you feel you are experiencing, only then your eyes truly see; maybe your bodies permit the contact, but it’s only in the emotion that you can truly feel the contact; perhaps the mind has a contact with the reality, it observes, but it’s only through the feelings that the reality is actually known.


Returning your reality to feeling, dear brothers and dear sisters, this is the process that returns the heart to the center of yourselves, the heart as the center of the experience of yourselves, the heart as the center of the experience of life.


I feel emotion, I am emotion, what I feel in the emotion is the life that is inside me. I feel emotion, I am emotion, this is the reality, it’s in the feeling that I look, and experience, and interpret, and live. In what I feel is the reality of myself; in what I feel is the definition, in what I am feeling, of me, I am this by way of what I am feeling. I am what the heart is feeling.


I notice that speaking of feelings is complex, finding and choosing the words to say, to explain, the feeling when feeling is so easy, you listen and you immediately feel the emotion that you are experiencing, a different emotion from a few seconds ago, and perhaps different from what it will be in the next few seconds; being yourselves comes through the emotions that express themselves inside me, a sequence of emotions that define me in the reality that I am living and through this sequence of emotions I am experimenting myself.


The I AM is inside the emotions that represent me, inside me I can even have an idea, but the truth is in what I feel. To give you a small example, I may think that I am a thoughtful person, but if I neglect my feelings that is an inconsistency, on the same token, I may think of myself as a person who is willing and available or sensible to other people, or maybe generous or calm, or any other definition, but it’s only in what I feel that the truth lies. What defines me is not so much the thought but the reality of the feeling that animates inside my heart.


Over the course of the day there are many situations that happen one after the other, if you place your heart at the center of your life, listening to yourselves in every situation that may manifest, you will have a reality of the experience that the heart has lead, a reality of what you are living, a reality of yourselves, a truth of what you really are.


In my hug, the reality of what I am expressing is my Love that I feel for all my brothers and sisters, through you my heart my Love is embracing every single brother and sister of this humanity, of this creation, and this is exactly what the heart feels right now.


This freedom to express it in the joy, your brother hugs you once again and this is another feeling that I am experimenting.


May the Father unite us all in one of his wonderful embraces, this is what I am feeling for all of us right now brothers and sisters.


Your brother Jesus Christ


What Role Do Your Feelings Have In Your Life The Life That Is Inside Me was the Message dictated 19th November 2009


What Role Do Your Feelings Have In Your Life The Life That Is Inside Me


What Role Do Your Feelings Have In Your Life


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