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You Are Born In The Sky Witnesses

You Are Born In The Sky Witnesses Of The Love Of The Father


You Are Born In The Sky Witnesses : how sweet it is my brothers and my sisters to attend the sign in which I can speak “here I am, I am ready, I am listening to you”, it’s a sign that unites us and through my heart I can send to all of you the Love that I feel; with all of my heart I seek words to dictate to you and I fill with light every word to help you, now for example my heart reflects, Sara Luce is listening and through the words that I am choosing for the message I would like to explain to you the entire journey that each one of you is going through on earth.


The time in which you are born in the Sky is gone, your creation coincides with this spark of Love donated by the Father and this creation, just like the wind, knows movement in bringing his Love across time and space, in the time of eternity and in the space of the entire unity.


You have always brought a message of Love at heart level: being yourselves, representing the Love of the Father. In your actions you bring to others the testimonial of the Father in you. All of you bring in the heart the message of His Love, all of you are witnesses of His Love.


Over the course of time this movement has brought you to discover more and more this message that He donated to you and through the movement that message reminded you that you are at one with the Father but also a particle of the Father, united and part of the unity.


And then through the Love you have discovered that being in the joy is being a particle in its expression; only when the Love is activated inside you, then it’s possible to feel yourselves in the emotion of joy. Joy in the expression is to feel yourselves as you love, it’s in the emotion that comes from the heart and that turns to others in the movement of Love. This is the experience that each one of you has experimented in the Sky.


In this maturity of experience, my brothers, the time has come to experience for yourselves: being the Love that you know in a place where your experience will speak from the heart but with an absence of conscience of what you are. The regaining of what is you, the full conscience of what you are, this will be your journey. And here comes the experience on earth, keepers of the spark of Love, witnesses of the Love of the Father, movement of Love albeit without full awareness of it, and in this reality a proof of rediscovery of your true selves.


This is the journey to which each one of you has called himself and in this precise moment of your existence. Despite earth, you are the spark of Love and eternity and a bond with the Father, and witnesses of his Love.


Today you ask yourselves, “Am I the same?” and the answer is affirmative, it’s the conscience that knows the veil, but it’s a veil that your journey can remove from your conscience but it’s only the movement of Love that makes your discovery possible.


Rediscovery of yourselves in the Love, this is what I send to you in every message, your rediscovery can only happen in the movement of Love, only by loving you can feel yourselves, only by loving you can rediscover yourselves, I am, and I am in the Love in the continuity, your Being is continuity of Love because your Being is created of Love.


And while I embrace you, my Being unites with you in one single entity.


My heart is for you


Your brother Jesus Christ


You Are Born In The Sky Witnesses Of The Love Of The Father was the Message dictated 23 November 2009


You Are Born In The Sky Witnesses Of The Love Of The Father


You Are Born In The Sky Witnesses


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