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What Is The Meaning Of Life Now

What Is The Meaning Of Life Now Here Tomorrow In The Sky


What Is The Meaning Of Life Now : my loved and precious brothers and my loved and precious sisters, you are all inside my heart, each one of you possesses my heart, each one of you is treasure of my heart, and my focus is all for you; I embrace you my treasures, you are always with me, you are always the beginning and the end of my every moment; what a joy it is to speak to you and to communicate these words to you, you are everything for me.


My brothers and sisters, I speak to you while I embrace you, I want to help you make this experience you are leading on earth a wonderful experience, a treasure for your evolution, growth for your happiness, contentment that you will find over time and not only on earth, the eyes of the Spirit think of your tomorrow, to that tomorrow in which you will return in this Home, bringing a treasure with you.


For many brothers who live in the unconsciousness, the earth represents trees and all the creation, the earth is what you touch, what you see with your eyes, the noises you hear, the aromas you smell, this is the concept of reality that is own, within the scope of unconsciousness. Life is the earth; everything begins with life on earth and terminates with the absence.


Many brothers conceive death as the end of everything and they think that it’s a dream to think that there is a tomorrow.


They lead their existence thinking only of earth, every effort is for here, every relationship is for here, every relationship stops on earth, every desire can only be fulfilled here, now, on earth.


The blind eyes do not ask questions, and they are only scared by the future “What is the meaning of life if there is nothing afterward? Better not think about it or the anguish will overpower me” and this is the reality of life that they now lead, without thinking of themselves as anything other than a body and senses.


While they are experimenting themselves, because the heart treasures even the unawareness, life offers them moments of Love, moments in which to listen to themselves in the emotion, moments in which to make contact with other hearts and even in the unawareness, experimenting themselves, and it offers moments in which they can reflect and question themselves on this reality, and treasure in their heart while the existence continues on.


Each one of you meets these brothers, look at them in the eyes, their vitality is dimmed, sweetly look at them in the eyes, pick up on their reaction, is there a darkness, an absence of the death that hovers over every contact, they are all wrapped up by the nothing and by the absence of meaning. What they are not thinking is what they are living.


Now you and your eyes, do shine your light at every contact, shine your light to every person,  place meaning in all of your heart, now here, tomorrow in the Sky, now it’s an experience of which tomorrow I will reap the fruits and as you will be yourselves, please do express your Being, and as you will experience you will get to know yourselves more and more in your essence, and more and more you will add treasure to the experience, an experience that you are always seeking, to feel in your heart the existence of yourselves and of the Love in you.


Awareness, reaching awareness is the objective, it’s a treasure to experiment yourselves in every experience.


Lead your life with bright eyes, and the other person will feel the life too along the way, and on that long way until he will ask you “My life is joy, why?” place in front of his eyes the first existence that speaks of itself.


In your eyes there is the blue light of the Sky, in your eyes there is all of our Love.


In your eyes your brother Jesus Christ loves you and the world of Love that attends every Soul.


What Is The Meaning Of Life Now Here Tomorrow In The Sky was the Message dictated 26th November 2009


What Is The Meaning Of Life Now Here Tomorrow In The Sky


What Is The Meaning Of Life Now


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