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Love That Lasts Forever The Perseverance

Love That Lasts Forever The Perseverance Of Love


Love That Lasts Forever The Perseverance : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, my heart has always loved you, since the time when I could see your faces in the Sky, to the present moment when I see you in your experience on earth, your actions have always been accompanied by my Love.


I have loved your hearts, I love your hearts, and I will forever love your hearts inside my own heart.


On earth I feel difficulties to think that Love could last forever, but this is the consequence of the limited experience on earth; in the contact each one of you has loved and sometimes that Love ended up distancing itself from you; more often, you have suffered from unrequited Love; you suffered for the death of hearts you have loved; and often life has placed distances between your individual hearts. All this is the experience matured on earth, experience that gives you a limited experience of the unity. But this is only the life, in this experience, that gives you the impression of distance from the hearts.


Let me remind you that this is a moment in which to experiment, a moment of evolution of your spiritual Self and every contact matures an experience, a contact that even if it appears to have ended, it remains a contact.


Just like every heart you meet remains a contact, it remains a memory, an emotion, moments of happiness, sharing of problems, and every problem that is added on it, the same happens with every heart that you met.


This happens among you on earth, however, this bond, the experience you matured from inside your heart is present in the hearts from those who then return Home. The Love you transmitted continues to be inside you, the Love continues to be inside the other heart.


All of these experiences of contact between the earth and the Sky place in front of your eyes the perseverance of Love, the perseverance of the bond that unites you, the perseverance in being forever Love.


The eyes looking up, also looking in the perseverance of my Love, those eyes that seek me while they speak to me, pray to me, those eyes that request my Love, and I am perseverance of Love and presence next to your eyes, the eyes of the heart, in the unchanged bond of our hearts.


If for others believing in me needs a proof, for many of you who listen to their hearts, my presence is naturally listening just like the Love that I feel for you is natural, the endless Love inside me, Love that I express to you, Love that speaks to you, Love that tries to help you in the contact with the truth.


The constant light that descends upon earth is of help to you as you are going through this moment right now, the light that dissolves the darkness to make you more aware of the All, light that dissolves even your doubts over the perseverance of Love, light that expands among brothers giving the opportunity to every heart to think of us present in the help, of all the Love that is sent is intertwined with you so your eyes may be encouraged to see beyond the matter. There is a need for this vision, every heart feels strong inside this need for a vision, but only through the eyes of the heart can this need be satisfied.


Our presence is always in the heart, it’s in that bond of Love that knows the voice of eternity.


It’s not therefore in the closing up inside yourselves that you can experiment Love, or the intense bond between hearts expanding more and more, this experience is possible in the expansion of the heart.


Yes, it’s a natural movement that of the expansion of the heart, an expansion that the experience makes possible.


On earth and in the Sky I Love you.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Love That Lasts Forever The Perseverance Of Love was the Message dictated 30th November 2009


Love That Lasts Forever The Perseverance Of Love


Love That Lasts Forever The Perseverance


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