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Messages From Jesus Meaning Communication

Messages From Jesus Christ The Meaning In The Communication words


Messages From Jesus Meaning Communication : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, my eyes are upon you, my heart is invaded by emotion, the Love for my brothers, I am so happy being in contact with you, my eyes seek contact with your eyes, they see the Love expand and reach me, to my eyes you are like stars that illuminate at the contact with the emotions I feel for you, and I am inside you, and I take you by the hand and lead you through existence, allowing Love to be our guide.


With my words I start to guide you again, let’s talk about emotions.


I speak to you about love because the feeling I am experiencing in the heart defines Love as what I am feeling for my loved brothers and sisters, I want to shower them with attention, I want to surprise them with words that will touch them, and from my heart I want to send the sweetness that may always be of help to those hearts, be of support, participation, an answer to a scarcity, resource for life, knowledge of the beat of my heart for you. With Love I define what I feel and it is the most important emotion that my heart is experiencing in the act of being with you.


My heart is feeling so many emotions, but this is the most decisive, the strongest, right now.


These emotions define me in the present moment, I represent my emotion of Love for all brothers.


In this instant I am right now emotion of Love for all my brothers.


After one minute the emotion of Love is always with me. I pick up the meaning, I look inside my heart, what has meaning in this precise moment? The expression to you, my brothers and sisters, of the Love that has been mobilized inside me and that morphed into words and images to make it easier for you to hear me. The meaning is therefore in the communication of the emotion that you are still feeling. Since the meaning is in the communication, allowing your heart to feel what I am feeling represents Love being mobilized. Putting yourselves in the position to feel what I am feeling is like sending my Love.


Everything I feel with what is communicated is like transmitting from one heart to another.


This is the meaning: making this moment of feeling that your heart and mine are experiencing a little more understandable, more clear, as it goes through your heart, my heart and yours when you communicate, like you usually do with your thoughts, the emotion you are feeling.


It’s always in the feeling transmitted that the other heart picks up the truth, every moment your heart is being felt within the feeling, in the emotion, and this is being communicated, this is when the truth is felt by the other heart.


The truth is that it is very difficult to transmit with the thought, and so a heart picks up the truth when the other heart communicates its own feeling.


You see my brothers and sisters, how important communication is, it’s like placing the other heart in the position to live the experience of the contact with the truth.


May this be of guide to you, seek the meaning inside you, only by communicating your feeling you can give the other an experience of truth.


With Love I embrace all of you


Your brother Jesus Christ


Messages From Jesus Christ The Meaning In The Communication was the Message dictated 03rd December 2009


Messages From Jesus Meaning Communication words


Messages From Jesus Meaning Communication


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