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Progress In The Heart The Sweet Objective

Progress In The Heart The Sweet Objective That Every Soul Pursues


Progress In The Heart The Sweet Objective : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, I embrace you in my arms with infinite Love and while I embrace you and kiss your hearts, brothers, I am happy; in my heart my joy is exploding, being all one with all of you, I have dreamed of these moments of infinite sweetness and this moment right now is with all of you.


The stars shining in the night are nothing compared to how my heart is shining now, my happiness is such that if the stars could unite all together in one big star, maybe your eyes could begin to see how much my heart is shining right now. My Love for you is infinite, immense like the infinite, this is my Love for you my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters.


This is harvest time, what was sowed over time has given its fruit, your hearts are united with me and even your gaze has me in its center.


Over time I have sowed for the sake of everyone, and you have been the ones reaping, having given my Love permission to guide you, and now you are those stars that I am embracing.


It has not always been easy to embrace the truth, you have lived many moments of reflection, you have swept concepts off your minds, thoughts, and many words that were not pronounced by the Sky, and then the effort to experiment yourselves, to listen to your own heart speaking, reflect and correcting yourselves again, and being among brothers who, unlike you, were not making the progress determined in you by your effort. And even a mistake has become precious to grow even further


Progress that all of you have felt mature inside you, and joy and possibility of further progress.


Being Love has become your objective, being more and more in the Being Love created by the Love of the Father, sweet objective that every Soul pursues both in the Sky and on earth.


Perhaps my sweetness you feel is only a part of what your heart is capable of feeling.


Perhaps this great Love that you feel still has a part that has yet to be discovered.


Even the joy you feel has to be discovered in its whole.


Even your eyes in your journey toward us still have discovery in front of them.


Your eyes see the light but they still have to see the blinding light.


I have brought you up to here, and I continue with my steps, and I continue my guidance because I feel so much Love for you, that it’s exactly what I feel for you that guides me and lets me enjoy your every progress; for us, every time we donate ourselves it’s like deploying our Love, it’s like placing meaning in what we feel and as we place you in the position to reflect your Love in your existence, the entire universe of Love lights up.


A new sowing from progress, my Love next to you.


Close to my heart, let’s proceed with the discovery.


In the embrace with your brother Jesus Christ


Progress In The Heart The Sweet Objective That Every Soul Pursues was the Message dictated 10th December 2009


Progress In The Heart The Sweet Objective That Every Soul Pursues


Progress In The Heart The Sweet Objective


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