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Lead Your Life As An Experience Of Love

Lead Your Life As An Experience Of Love The Time Of Growth


Lead Your Life As An Experience Of Love : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, there is a memory in my hearts, it’s a memory from a while ago, before beginning this experience of the messages I am dictating to you, with all of you brothers and sisters, I was following the gathering of the testimonials, experiences of Angels, that Sara Luce was putting together.


Your hearts, happy with these testimonials, would turn to us in the Sky and give us joy and hope and at the same time the need for a more intense heart with Love, with all of us.


Over time in the effort, the thought of being with you in a specific way has matured, through the messages and through this possibility to guide you and to help you use your heart in your life, and lead your life as an experience of Love.


You see brothers, and sisters, the time it took for this decision to become real, a reality, this experience, was necessary to prepare Sara Luce to this contact.


The time necessary for her growth, her experience, her serenity, to make her ready for all of you, the time has been more than precious.


Life, constant in its complexity, does not offer yet many example many examples of this serenity of contact with the Sky and making yourselves available adds complexity to life and it makes it more complicated to reach the objective.


A precious ally has been time in its constant progression of the experience that has slowly slowly to integrate our collective experience into her existence, and I still have the memory of our first contact, the surprise of the meeting with our sweet Mother who guided again to accept this manifestation of the Sky.


Despite the joy, there was so much worrying, and again it was necessary to guide her, just like we are still guiding her experience today.


Our Love is aimed at her emotions and her emotions act as a filter to our words and in this lies the complexity in guiding you, your emotions can completely mix up the meaning of every word said to you and time, I repeat, is necessary to put you in a condition to transmit every single concept, every word that all of us in the Sky send to you.


Your reality contemplates time, the time of growth is precious, investing time for your growth is precious, the time that guides you in the growth is a precious reality.


My heart embraces all of you my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Lead Your Life As An Experience Of Love The Time Of Growth was the Message dictated 14th December 2009


Lead Your Life As An Experience Of Love The Time Of Growth


Lead Your Life As An Experience Of Love


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