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It Is Hope That Pushes To Fulfill

It Is Hope That Pushes To Fulfill The Wish Believing And The Hope


It Is Hope That Pushes To Fulfill : my sweet and loved brothers, and my sweet and loved sisters, with all my joy I come to you this morning, it is time to look at the balance sheet, soon it will be the new year, it’s right around the corner and many wishes show up and await to be fulfilled; you look at that moment, you look at all those days, and time transformed inside the heart in the possibility to fulfill the desire.


We look at the New Year with hope, and the wish that wants to fulfill itself fills with renewed hope.


The thought of the New Year sees the wish coming true.


This is the situation of awaiting, the heart brimming with hope.


The time past does not know hope, only what was lived, the events, the meetings, this is the past, and the memory of it is not full of hope, it is full of reality.


However, my brothers and sisters, while you have lived the hope that accompanied your time, you have lived every day of your journey in hope. All of your time was an experience in hope, and the entire journey was guided by hope. The progress you feel you have made so far was guided by your wish; there is progress in the situations however your wish still has not been fulfilled, but maybe with time there may be a new success.


This is the constant progress that defines your life, believing, feeling that life will fulfill your wish, it is like giving strength to the necessary progress, therefore it is hope, believing, the strength that pushes to fulfill the wish, the wish will be fulfilled only the strength of believing in it. Believing, and the hope that accompanies your steps will together fulfill your wish.


Believing that you will learn is as good as passing the test, just like the hope that guides all of your effort makes you pass the test, so believing in your own well-being, and with hope guiding your efforts, slowly you will fulfill your wish.


As you do things for Love, pursuing the goodness, activating the hope of fulfillment, so in this motivation is where fulfillments are born.


Believing the source of the movement brings you to succeed in your life. Believing in the necessary element for every progress, every necessary step, the faith taps from Love.


You look happily at the New Year, the faith that will help you in the New Year to conquer fulfillment of your desire, or to bring you even closer to the fulfillment of your desire.


You believe in your heart in that Love that represents life and hope, and the journey toward goodness will see your happiness.


I embrace all of you close to my heart.


Your brother Jesus Christ


It Is Hope That Pushes To Fulfill The Wish Believing And The Hope was the Message dictated 17.12.2009


It Is Hope That Pushes To Fulfill The Wish Believing And The Hope


It Is Hope That Pushes To Fulfill


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