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Love New Harvest For The World

Love New Harvest For The World For The New Year


Love New Harvest For The World : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, soon the New Year will begin and for many of you it will be a year of riches, time to harvest the Love you donated, time to reunite with loved ones far away, and all together we will reap from the affection donated, and for this reason the new year will be one of richness for many.


What in the past saw Love instead of selfishness, hope instead of neglect of facts, determination in choosing goodness, every effort from the heart toward others will be wealth, the harvest of the New Year. Precious treasure for the heart.


These harvests will bring new motivations, new effort, commitment for the ideals and it will be a new harvest for the New Year in the heart, motivated by the result.


Many more people will meet the Love inside you and in this contact slowly slowly the hearts will rediscover themselves to allow a new harvest for the world to be born.


This is what is awaiting you, Love, the richness of the heart, and again Love is waiting for the growth of the hope which you will be promoting.


You will bring all the Love thinking from the heart of the projects for others, and this light will illuminate your days, and on the way you will see the light illuminate all around, and you will see the hearts shine even more intensely.


You will see events surrounded by light, it will give you determination on your journey and every time painful events may stop you or demoralize you, because these events will still happen, tap into your hope and into your past harvests, and overcome these moments, placing Love in front of you and once again inside you there will be growth and the Love you will bring to others will be even stronger, your determination will be even stronger, and so will your choice to live your life as Love.


Now that you are thinking of the unknowns that are awaiting you, you think that your life, your experience has Love as a constant element, every experience quizzes Love, your Love, this has been in the past and this is how it continues in life; Love quizzes itself in the experience, and just like it has always been, you will be in the experience, choosing a response of Love.


Our Love is completely upon you, our total effort in helping you, our guiding you in your experience, our being at your side like every day will be, so that you, on earth, may not think that you are there facing things all alone, our Love will always guide you or support you in your journey of growth.


And so, happy New Year, may Love spread even more on earth.


And with the wish from the Father that Love may become a habit for every heart, with all Angels on earth and in the Sky, here is our wish for a New Year.


Your brother Jesus Christ.


Love New Harvest For The World For The New Year was the Message dictated on 31.12.2009



Love New Harvest For The World For The New Year


Love New Harvest For The World


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