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Your Wellness Needs The Wellness Of Brothers

Your Wellness Needs The Wellness Of Brothers To Feel Within Wellness


Your Wellness Needs The Wellness Of Brothers : my loved and sweet brothers and my loved and sweet sisters, the New Year has begun and there are many resolutions from the hearts, in this passage between something that ends and something that begins, in the heart we seek the road to exist only in Love; in this sweet resolution there is room to improve relations with your relatives, placing more calm in your life, facing difficult situations keeping inside the heart the vision of the concluded situation, activation of hope and even the eyes look to the heart, relying on the help, the help of Love.


In this new beginning the world of brothers is placed at the forefront of meaning, because the heart that is being quizzed can only highlight the wellness that is being sought after and needs the wellness of all brothers. Your wellness needs the wellness of your brothers. No heart is solitary, it always needs an exchange, and its own wellness needs other hearts.


This is your beginning, understanding that in your help, as you turn to other hearts giving them needed serenity, this will be the building of that serenity that your own heart needs to always live in order to feel within wellness.


This is why many of your New Year resolutions are directed to others, “building” is the answer of the heart to the need to feel wellness inside your heart.


Building, building defines every action aimed at your brothers to promote their well being, building is every intention of the heart that by giving within Love also brings serenity to the world of brothers; building means attention to relationships; building means looking at others with a view to their serenity; building is to love giving meaning to every feeling that a heart can express.


This reality that you define in your daily life is the moment in which you build, time is the experience of building, and here comes the new year, in your intentions, time is not made-up of hours or days, it’s only made of building. The heart that is quizzed sends you not days, but events to build, in view of the wellbeing that is so necessary to the heart.


In life you forget the hours, because it’s the actual experience that defines life, it’s not watches, but the heart that defines life, may you always be present to yourselves, quizzing your hearts, choosing in the experience the way to give voice to your heart in that moment, and paying attention to the meaning that you want to build, let yourselves be guided by this, by the heart as it builds.


And now that the new year has began for all, there are many thoughts of serenity to be achieved, your eyes are just like those of others, they are full of intention to achieve wellbeing to be reached, give your thoughts the opportunity to express themselves immediately, there are many brothers awaiting to hear the voices expressed from the heart to give themselves the opportunity that they are looking for.


I am always with you and I hug you with joy, may this thought illuminate the New Year.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Your Wellness Needs The Wellness Of Your Brothers To Feel Within Wellness was the Message dictated on 07.01.2010


Your Wellness Needs The Wellness Of Brothers To Feel Within Wellness


Your Wellness Needs The Wellness Of Brothers


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