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The Sky Is Reality The Manifestations

The Sky Is Reality The Manifestations Of The Presence Of The Sky


The Sky Is Reality The Manifestations : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, with all of my Love I come to you to speak, to understand again the message that we want to send to all of your heart as always, the Sky is reality, reality is our presence, the Love we bring with every step is a reality; this is the wonderful message that we bring in every manifestation.


The message shines with Love and it’s your answer about life. Communicating this to you is the presence of Love in life and it is an invitation to make your hearts shine in this moment of existence on earth. This message, shining, brothers and sisters, this invitation, is to use your heart, the Love that is inside you, in this passage among you on earth.


Every person you meet is just a heart, as far as Love is concerned there is no other distinction, only that heart and its journey, its growth, it’s important. There is no differentiation of skin, or financial status, neither culture nor apparent religion that determines the distinction among hearts. Only the heart is important for the Love and all of His children.


You expect divisions, compensations, punishments, questions on your faith, admissions of guilt on existence and just like many brothers you believe a judgment is awaiting you, but the Love that speaks to you is not a judgment, it is understanding, it’s not division among brothers, it is contact among all hearts that are growing and there is no punishment but guidance in the understanding, and there is no compensation being handed out because at all times a heart that loves carries joy inside.


This is reality my brothers and sisters: a contact among hearts that are growing now on earth.


For us this is also manifestation; a multitude of conditions of existence, of creed, in contact with one another.


This is the message that the manifestation intends to leave behind: the contact in the manifestation of hearts of all brothers.


This is what you observe in the manifestation: the simple contact among hearts.


And even now that I am speaking to you through these pages, it’s always a manifestation of our contact with the heart, a multitude that reunites to listen in different conditions, the contact, a shared condition in our heart in the Being is inside the Love.


With immense Love I say goodbye, in my Being there is only the light of my heart.


Your brother Jesus Christ.


The Sky Is Reality The Manifestations Of The Presence Of The Sky was the Message dictated 11th January 2010


The Sky Is Reality The Manifestations Of The Presence Of The Sky


The Sky Is Reality The Manifestations


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