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In The Light Of Our God Father

In The Light Of Our God Father You Are The Light In The World


In The Light Of Our God Father : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, I come with my Love for all brothers and sisters that are going through a difficult moment; the problems you face on earth are endless, from the very important necessities like work or home, to existences where the need is not linked to objects but the need for your fulfillment.


All of you, truly all of you are facing a journey through these difficulties, this forging on, my brothers and sisters, will determine your experience of Love for the heart.


Often you see that the experience of the heart is in the Love that is gradually developing in the relations between hearts, between you and your partners, between you and your children, between you and the people you call your loved ones, but in reality the experience you are maturing really only sees your heart when facing the world.


This participation of your heart to the world is for all purposes the actual experience that you are living.


Your news programs make you question your heart, your feelings, every contact with strangers makes you question your heart, your feelings, in every occasion where there is a contact, in discussions, you question your Love inside you and your feelings, and sometimes the need to turn to your brothers is the answer to you, in your feelings.


This feeling that you carry in contact with the world grows as you question yourselves.


In your experience you ask many questions to the Love inside you and the Love inside your brothers, and in front of your eyes you always have the experience of Love that others are offering you. Experience in the difficulty of a heart that is crying, experience always in the difficulty of a heart that is not donating itself, experience of unhappiness of a heart that is forgetting the feeling inside it, an experience of negation of self as a heart in the constant violence that is being disseminated and so much experience of negation of others as feelings.


This is your marching on everywhere, the experiences that bring you to question yourselves in your feelings and even to experiment yourselves in this marching on as a heart that always has the freedom to choose how to place yourselves when faced with the world.


And this experience that you are maturing, the experience that in our world of Love is familiar, will one day bring you to the side of the Father with your emoting and in your own feeling through the experience, your feeling will answer “I am the heart that has been growing in the donated freedom from your Love, and this is what I am bringing with me”.


The heart may or may not be happy when it will question itself, it will be happy about how it experimented itself in the world, or it will be full of bitterness for not having understood that life is all, and not just part of the experience.


My loved brothers and my loved sisters, this is what I remind you of, the experience is of you in the world, your heart in the world, your heart in contact with the world; do not place boundaries between you and the world, everything that happens in the world is necessary to your questioning yourselves, and as you feel you are allowing your heart to be your light in the world, you are the light in the world, this is what your hearts are my brothers and sisters, in the reflections, the light of the world.


Your difficulties have a brilliance inside, you can either stifle it or you can expand your light, this is the real experience that you are living.


I embrace you and I remain inside you so the light of my heart may help you to bring light to the world.


Your brother Jesus Christ


In The Light Of Our God Father You Are The Light In The World was the Message dictated 18th January 2010


In The Light Of Our God Father You Are The Light In The World


In The Light Of Our God Father


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