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The Respect Is A Form Of Love

The Respect Is A Form Of Love The Respect Comes From Love


The Respect Is A Form Of Love : my sweet and loved brothers and my sweet and loved sisters, with the light of my heart, with my Love, I come to speak, my words are for you, so that I can bring you my light and fill with Love every single heart.


My sweet brothers, this is how you are loved by me; my sweet sisters, this is how you are loved by me.


Of course I am not able to embrace you in the physical body as I would like, the contact with the eyes is impossible to me, and even caressing you and embracing you in my arms when you feel alone, it’s an experience that in this moment I can not give in your lives, but my words, these words you are reading, my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, they have my entire heart being with you.


The act of respecting these limits with our contact, limits that my heart would love to bypass, is something that is really important


Now I will explain.


Going to earth, facing this distance from our Sky, being yourselves, living in a world constantly created by the world of brothers, understanding to then act, understanding to then choose how to be yourselves in every situation, you see, my brothers and sisters, this is such an important experience that our heart, despite wanting to be your guide, remains present in the invisibility.


This is for you, for that freedom of being truly yourselves, without us.


The heart, every intervention of your heart is an intervention in full freedom, running to help is freedom, solving a problem with other brothers and mobilizing is freedom, even recognizing this Sky is freedom for each one of you.


My brothers, my sisters, your freedom once again is listening to my message, listening and hearing is freedom, reflecting is freedom, understanding from a message is freedom; even your heart is free to welcome my words and putting them into practice to guide your existence.


This profound respect that we have for all of you comes from Love. You see, my brothers and sisters, being united in the respect is a form of Love; loving that brother in every adversity just like in every moment of mistakes is to respect him so profoundly that only thinking of him as a great Love can allow it, and this is what each one of your is in our eyes.


The proofs and time will allow each one of your hearts to be yourselves in the heart and until your light will not shine again, this passage on earth will be necessary.


Today you are making your experience in time, your staying on earth is therefore essential for your growth, freedom of being a heart, complete freedom in being a heart.


Every day, every week, you are in your experience to discover yourselves, being Love that brings light, every single moment is so important, life is a constant experience of this self which is your heart. This is the ultimate goal of this experience: placing your heart in your life.


I know it is not easy nor it is simple to be a heart in a moment of pain or suffering or in being invisible to your brothers, but you will always have next to you our Love in contact with you, so that even under those circumstance you may recognize the light that shines inside you, seek in the Love and even the painful experiences will fill with light.


I embrace all of you very tight, in the memory of the past.


With all my Love, your brother Jesus Christ


The Respect Is A Form Of Love The Respect Comes From Love was the Message dictated 21st January 2010


The Respect Is A Form Of Love The Respect Comes From Love


The Respect Is A Form Of Love


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