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Contact In The Heart Intimacy Love

Contact In The Heart Intimacy Love In Your Breathing


Contact In The Heart Intimacy Love : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, I am speaking with my heart and through the many words I dictate, every message is aimed at being listened to; we are all Souls in contact, and in this moment, we are right now in the heart, you listening to me in your hearts, me in my heart speaking to you, there is a sense of intimacy in the meeting between hearts.


This is what I want to speak to you about today: about intimacy.


Through the reading of my words you read the feeling that is inside me; to the feeling inside the heart comes the reply from your feeling, and the words that your eyes see turn into warmth, in a thought of Love, in sweet worry, in an attempt to help you, it’s the Love that is instantly felt inside you. Your Love accepts the advice and feeds from the humility that my heart is feeling with the contact with all of you. Humility, I love you so much, and all I wish is to bring you my Love, I feel humility in the heart when offering my heart to all of you, all this Love that goes through my life, what your heart is feeling is Love my offer of Love.


My brothers, my sisters, I love you so very much, this is what my heart feels every day of my life.


I donated so much Love to you during my life on earth, so much Love is what I still donate to you every moment in the Sky, and now as I speak to you I still reach you and add my Love to your experience.


Just in the very moment when I am speaking to you, your heart is listening to the message from my heart to you. Moments of intimacy, moments of listening to the sweet emotions of the heart. The contact transforms in the voice of the heart into intimacy, can you see the reality that the words are creating? There is a suspension of the problems that all of you have, the contact made in this moment is all for Love; you, sweet creatures living the experience of all of my Love you feel, this moment of unity, my heart, my emotion, it beats inside your heart, it’s Love in your breathing, it’s the moment when the light passes through me and goes to you and enters your heart, and wants to stay forever with you. May my emotion of Love beat inside your hearts and reunite you to me every moment of your day. May my Love being safeguarded permanently in your hearts. May my great Love forever bring you to the contact with emotions toward every person that you love, to whom you speak, and may your words create intimacy in the heart of others.


May this breath that I am donating to you, brothers and sisters, be the gift from you to all brothers you meet. A breath of Love in the air, a breath of All, a breath of Love in the humility to donate yourselves.


I breathe with you, ours is a breath of Love.


Brothers, sisters, let go of pain, my heart is all with you.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Contact In The Heart Intimacy Love In Your Breathing was the Message dictated 2th January 2010


Contact In The Heart Intimacy Love In Your Breathing


Contact In The Heart Intimacy Love


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