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Your Dimension As Spirit Is In Being Love

Your Dimension As Spirit Is In Being Love Awareness


Your Dimension As Spirit Is In Being Love : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, I come to you, inside your hearts, to speak to you, to once again put my joy inside you, to speak with the heart of the Love that permeates the immensity, and also of the light that accompanies every moment of your lives; if your eyes could see, they would see the Spirit embraced to you, tending to you, speaking to your heart, helping you through every adversity, and waiting for the time for events to mature.


Through this contact many of you accept advice and add elements of Love to their movement, it’s like walking together while embraced, what the eyes do not see is the ever-present reality next to all of you.


But if the eyes all of a sudden could see, how many of you would actually accept advice? You almost always prefer to walk alone, being yourselves also through your mistakes, and correct yourselves through your mistakes, but it’s still you that correct your mistakes.


You are listening and in your heart you are asking “Why? Is it presumption that places distance when learning from others?”


It’s true that you are very distant from learning from those brothers who already lived and have now reunited with the Sky, but at the base of all this there is not this awareness that Love, in its eternity, can give you its help.


Even while you pray our advice is already inside you, and yet you still you look at our Sky in the hope for help.


Even when you do have awareness of the help from the Sky with the solution of a specific problem, being alone again is what you think of. This is the experience of everyone. The thought, the call for help, awareness of the help and then alone once again.


If you erased from your eyes the idea of having to make contact, if you had awareness of always being together with us, you would direct your eyes to the contact inside you, in your eyes, to listen together to the combination of your emotions and ours; seeing the light that comes from the heart would mean understanding that when we speak of evolution we are actually giving help to your hearts.


Being in this materiality where the eyes see darkness, is actually the biggest opportunity for growth for you, an opportunity for evolution, for recognition of yourselves as a Soul, as a part of the Love that today is in the world but that belongs to the all, to the universe.


Such a complex evolution, that includes the passage on earth, would never lead to growth without us, it would just be a passage in which the only thing you experiment would be the sacrifice of being on earth without any evolution, without any recognition.


Do you see how religions place your being to confront itself with your own being Spirit, brothers among you who invite you to confront with your dimension of Spirit, every manifestation makes you confront yourselves with the dimension of Spirit, just like today our contact makes you confront yourselves with your own dimension as Spirit.


Your dimension as Spirit is in being Love.


Well, my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, this reality, your reality, your growth is inside your rediscovery of yourselves, your evolution, the eyes are not what guides you through the discovery, Spirit is not visible to your eyes, but it’s in the contact with your Soul, with the Love in you, that’s how you can rediscover yourselves in your dimension of Spirit.


Accepting your nature you can accept that the Spirit may reach you to help. No longer alone, but embraced, this is how you will see yourselves.


In my heart I am embracing you, all your hearts in me.


In the peace your brother Jesus Christ


Your Dimension As Spirit Is In Being Love Awareness was the Message dictated 18th March 2010


Your Dimension As Spirit Is In Being Love Awareness


Your Dimension As Spirit Is In Being Love


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