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Create A World Of Love All Around

Create A World Of Love All Around Your Heart


Create A World Of Love All Around : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, I come to illuminate your hearts, there are no words to tell you how big is the Love that I feel inside me, may my feeling shine inside you my brothers and sisters, may every word of mine place a beam of light to illuminate your present and illuminate forever your life.


My dear brothers and my dear sisters, all of my heart is for you, and my Love that I express is speaking to you. In the heart there is compassion for the many difficulties that you are going through in the present moment, with this compassion I wish to help you. Here, my brothers and sisters, I see you in a difficult world, a complex world, where the freedom to express yourselves in what you feel is constantly blocked by the idea of “you”, of this humanity that is broadcasted to you by the media, an infinite message that is constantly coming through your every day. The pain transmitted by this humanity, the anguish of this humanity, the many possibilities that were denied to this humanity, the insecurity that caused violence in this humanity, there is a strong impression of a world that has gone adrift, and together with the world, you too have gone adrift. Well, this is the vacuum that all these communications leave inside you.


However, my brothers and my sisters, this humanity is not lost, it is in a moment where you are reflecting on the many situations that have been created and that have taken away the light from the hearts. Every process of reflection is the generation of change.


The humanity to which you all belong has inside you the stimulus, you and your life, as you observe your commitment of Love, do you feel that you are placing your maximum effort into it? Or perhaps there are messages that arrive to you, a vacuum in the heart that makes it difficult for you to be that brother who fulfills his commitment in the joy? Being husband or wife or companion, being parent in the Love for a child, tending to the wellbeing of the couple, of your own nucleus, of your own environment, is all this at the center of your heart?


Of course, it is difficult for your humanity to tend to you when the rest of the world ….. but this is your humanity, your life, the one you are fulfilling, the one you chose, moment after moment; the passion that guided you, many moments of happiness that you shared, many moments where you expressed yourselves from the heart, the joy you donated and the serene laughter that you have known, they were born from your hearts when the attention was in the contact of Love with your loved ones.


Today in the heart you have the same identical possibilities, you too see that you are missing the constant effort, you are missing that joy of a child that smiles to you, you miss that joy of the partner who is happy and embraces you, you miss every manifestation of sympathy from your own environment, you miss your feeling within the emotion when you love, when you dedicate your whole heart to loving, you are missing this part of you. You are missing the life of the heart.


It is always precious to meet you and illuminate your hearts with these truths. Existence is inside the heart, and today, brothers, once again you are noticing the possibility of feeling life, or feeling like winter belongs to the heart. Inject your days with joy for existing, love with all your heart, create a world of Love all around your heart.


In my embrace is my Love that illuminates you.


In the peace, your brother Jesus Christ


Create A World Of Love All Around Your Heart was the Message dictated 22nd March 2010


Create A World Of Love All Around Your Heart


Create A World Of Love All Around


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