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The Experience Of Descovery Of Yourselves

The Long And Precious Experience Of Descovery Of Yourselves messages


The Experience Of Discovery Of Yourselves : my beloved and precious brothers and my beloved and precious sisters, I translate for you the light that has turned on inside my heart, it speaks to you of peace, of experiences you had in the life for the rediscovery of the heart, and today my heart speaks to you of peace because the experience matured in front of your eyes places you in front of your own selves, those eyes that reflect to you what happened just like a mirror, the choices you have matured, the affection you felt inside the heart, the mistake or the effect you produced, you feel it in the heart, in the emotion, the overall experience; those eyes send right back to you the breakdown of every single moment of what has been.


Now you see yourselves in front of your eyes, your happiness or your mistake is the feeling that is inside the heart now. With those eyes you look at yourselves and with your feelings you experience.


The mistake you made burns a lot, with those eyes you try to erase all other moments where you created joy for others, many manifestations of your Love, everything you have donated. This is what you look with those eyes in front of you, the light that turned off with your mistake. You are left with only a feeling of the enormous wound that your mistake created. The reason is because you consider it an error, this is what your voice of peace communicates to you.


You are like flowers that bend with the wind, and do not shine when it rains, the Love that is able to make them shine through every situation is constant discovery. There are so many emotions that suddenly make you bend, making the crown of your flower actually touch the ground, sudden situations that sweep your emotions like the wind, but when you discover these emotions the wind calms down.


The pain you felt inside your emotion determined a violent reaction in the unplanned situation, it’s not so much the conflict but the violent reaction, reaction of the pain you felt; while the heart has been invested in a moment by a violent reaction, what you do not address is the reason for that pain.


Of course there is suffering when you come close to pain, but what is the reason for the violent reaction? Everything has an answer in your heart, in your Love that suffers for the other in that specific moment as if it was happening to you, this is the violent reaction, the impression of being in the place of the person who is experiencing the pain. Through the voice of peace you can understand the reason why, the causes that lead to the mistake, and this awareness adds value to the experience. It has been a discovery of yourselves, therefore, after all, it has been an experience of progress in your journey.


There are many emotions in life that will bend you, your reactions are the product of the journey, feeling these reactions inside the heart forces you to stop for a moment and ask yourselves with a lot of honesty “What am I feeling inside my heart?” It could be conflict, and so you put Love to help explain yourselves, or sudden reactions, and so you explain among yourselves the reason behind the sudden reaction, starting from the Love contained inside that experience.


Making your flowers shine is achieved by taking these steps along the journey in the long and precious experience of discovery of yourselves.


In my embrace I have all of your hearts.


In the peace, your brother Jesus Christ


The Long And Precious Experience Of Discovery Of Yourselves was the Message dictated 25th March 2010


The Long And Precious Experience Of Discovery Of Yourselves messages


The Experience Of Discovery Of Yourselves


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