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It’s The Feeling That Generates Words

It's The Feeling That Generates Words The Feeling Accompanies The Words


It’s The Feeling That Generates Words : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, with my heart so full of Love I will begin this message, the Love for you, my words starts from Love, my conversation with you starts from Love, my speaking to you starts from Love.


Not everyone can understand that it’s the actual feeling that generates words; you all turn your attention to your mind, communicating your thought becomes your priority, even when you speak to a brother, what’s important is that your thought gets communicated, you see, for you the thought is priority, not so much the emotion, but the thought is what is important.


The thought, the mind have dominated your reality, the reality of all of you, you make your thoughts, every thought, the way you live your experience of reality.


You have no memory of the feeling, just the reality of words, the thought you communicated, that is what you remember over time. The important thing for you is to remember the words you communicated, not the feeling.


However, loved ones, the feeling is what actually communicates in the heart, the feeling accompanies the words on their way to being a communication, one day you use words that are similar to those of many others, but what truly reaches others is the emotion that you have in those words that you just communicated; the emotions inside the words reach hearts, and their experience of you is not of the thought, of what you said, but of what your heart communicated. In the other person there is first of all a reaction to the emotion that you are communicating, before even listening to your words or your thoughts. For this reason I want to explain to you the importance not so much of listening to thoughts, but to the emotion that you are communicating.


While you listen to your heart, do you notice your thoughts? No, the emotion you are feeling expresses your availability to make contact, or the other way around, from your heart you turn your attention to the other person, or the attention is upon you, you confirm your availability to the other, or your availability is inside you for the other person, this is what you communicate, my brothers, through the words you say, this is what you are truly saying, and this is what truly goes to the heart of the other person. The meaning of what you say is inside the heart.


My beloved brothers, my beloved  sisters, by pronouncing these words I allow my feeling to guide me; it is the Love that I feel, and as it is precisely my feeling that I want to communicate, every word that will be said will always be an expression of the emotion that I am feeling inside my heart, and every heart that will be hearing me will receive this from me, receives my feeling, listens to the Love that I am communicating, makes contact with the Love that I am communicating and experiences my heart. The Love I am communicating replaces the words, it’s what reaches your heart.


And now, you can feel the calm, this is my Love that finally got through, it reached the heart and added calm and peace inside you, and this availability to the contact that you now finally feel inside you is the reflection of the willingness to listen to me even in every thought that I will want to communicate to you.


This passage is experience of the heart, the experience of every heart in contact, first of all is the feeling that is being heard, and then the thought. A thought that will always be moderated by Love.


May the experience that we have touched upon on this message teach you this: firstly, to feel from the emotion you are experiencing from the heart, and then, with the understanding of what you are feeling, try to communicate your feeling as to reach the other heart and transform words and thoughts into affection and experience of you and of your Love.


With you with all my heart


Your brother Jesus Christ, who died and resuscitated for you.


It’s The Feeling That Generates Words The Feeling Accompanies The Words was the Message dictated 29th March 2010


It’s The Feeling That Generates Words The Feeling Accompanies The Words


It’s The Feeling That Generates Words


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