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The True Knowledge Of The Other

The True Knowledge Of The Other Person And Of Yourself


The True Knowledge Of The Other : my dearest brothers and my dearest sisters, why did I put “today is Easter” in the title even though it is not Easter yet?  because today is an important day for you; your Father is here and wants to speak to you.


Hello children, I know, today is a surprise, it’s been a long time since I spoke to you through the Messages, but today my words are for you.


You see my children, Love is great, the entire universe shines with Love for you, like my Love is infinite for you.


I can feel that an important journey toward us has began, in your hearts there is a hope to be united with us, a desire to proceed together through the experience that you are maturing on earth. As always your yes only see materialism, but at Spirit level what the eyes do not see you do feel inside the heart. You are learning to replace what you see with your eyes with what you feel from the heart. And this is a great progress for many of you.


Your eyes see things, but to perceive emotions means to understand without interpreting, by questioning your Love you achieve so much understanding and knowledge.


The heart replying to another heart receives so many messages through everything that is communicated, and it notices, as it also listens to itself, all those emotions that speak of itself. This is how listening to the other person’s heart as well as your own creates knowledge. And then the thought reflects this true knowledge of the other person and of yourself.


This is the progress that I see you make, no prejudices, just listening to the heart to know the other person in his real nature. This is to get in touch as a Spirit with the other person, whom you perceive as a Spirit in the contact. This means that you understand your experience on earth as just a single moment of your project as a Spirit, a moment that forms part of a vast program, much more far-reaching than the few steps taken on earth. In the eyes of the Spirit you understand life as an opportunity to bring on earth what is most precious to you, which is the Love that beats inside your heart.


You are noticing that the important treasure that I placed in your heart when I created is just it, it is the Love that comes from me, love is what you touch when in contact with life, today Love speaks to you of me, and by giving your love you feel me, with every expression of your Love you feel me, you get to know me through your emotions when you give your love and you speak to the heart of the other person, you recognize me when you communicate Love from your heart, the feeling that is an expression of Love is actually the Father in contact with you inside you.


Every heart that gives love is in contact with my Love, recognizing me inside you is the same as being inside me.


One only, just one single heart, this is what we have always been.


Do not seek me outside, for I have always been just one heart united with yours, instead, seek me through your giving love, I am inside your Love that is ready to love, and every experience of me is with you inside the heart.


I wish a Happy Easter to all my children.


The Father in the heart with all of you.


Happy Easter to everyone.


The True Knowledge Of The Other Person And Of Yourself was the Message dictated 01st April 2010


The True Knowledge Of The Other Person And Of Yourself


The True Knowledge Of The Other


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