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The Security Of The Spirit And Immortality

The Security Of The Spirit And Of Its Immortality


The Security Of The Spirit : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, this sweet Easter left a renewed hope inside the heart, a hope that you too will be reborn into a new life; the eyes, which do not see yet, one day will finally recognize your loved ones who reached the Sky, and every relationship will renew with this bond; now for you this is an obscure truth, but inside your heart by now there is the security of the Spirit and of its immortality.


Think of that day, perhaps your hearts will know peace and affection and joy, and your whole desire to unite once again will know this reality. You will recognize brothers among you, and what has been will be the parenthesis of life on earth, in front of your eyes you will see yourselves, and what has been, but your Love will be the key to understanding everything, the reasons why, the moments you lived, the many difficulties, and an overall meaning is what you will gather from your experience on earth, and even if sometimes your eyes will fill with tears, in the end your heart will be satisfied with what will have been during your journey on earth.


Your eyes will only see Love and your thoughts will be on Love, and your experiences will have only Love as the common denominator. This is what awaits you: the view of the heart. Everything will take on a different meaning, because you will be looking from your heart, and you will be living your life from your heart.


Today listen to these words with your hope, then one day it will be reality. Give hope to reality.


Bring back your attention to this present moment, can Love speak also in your present time? You consists of that very same heart that one day will fully lead your life. In you are the eyes that one day will see the existence from Love. The heart that will understand that Love already exists inside you. You are already in the experience of Love. In front of your eyes there is life as an experience of Love. Inside you there is no difference between now and later, your experience is one of continuity, but now your eyes see materialism instead of Love; however, this meaning of life within continuity is only made possible by Love. Material possessions are lost, you are only left with Love, you are only left with the heart.


The meaning of existence is in the experience of Love, now and forever only the experience of Love is what counts.


Here and now for you is an experience of Love, every tiniest moment is an experience of Love, even right now as I am speaking to you in the heart you are gaining experience of Love, very soon as you will speak to others you will build experience of Love, every day is an experience of Love for you, may this awareness of the naked truth be able to place the musical notes into your heart to lead your life.


I surround you with my embrace


Your brother Jesus Christ


The Security Of The Spirit And Of Its Immortality was the Message Dictated 8th April 2010


The Security Of The Spirit And Of Its Immortality


The Security Of The Spirit


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