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The False Values Of Hedonism And Possession

The False Values Of Hedonism And Possession Of Material Things


The False Values Of Hedonism : my dear and loved brothers and my dear and loved sisters, I am truly very happy to be here with you to speak to you, the words I give to you send you my immense Love for all my brothers, for all my sisters; being here to speak to you fills my experience with joy, my Love for everyone is what I feel, and communicating this feeling to you adds further happiness to my heart.


My heart is like a garden in the summer, every single flower is one of my brothers, one of my sisters, this is what you are, my garden; my task is to water you with my Love so that you can be even more resplendent.


And now in front of me there are many resplendent flowers, in the past they treasured the words that I already donated, and now they are beautiful flowers, aware of the heart they possess, and they lead every experience starting from their Love, and from this experience they look on to this moment of life on earth: being a heart incarnated into a physical body that experiments itself as a heart, as a heart experimenting its existence within materialism.


Many flowers await this progress of the humanity, starting from the heart, may the need for Love that the entire humanity is feeling find fulfillment in the Love among you, they really try, these flowers are really working towards the progress for the greater good.


Other flowers in my garden are waiting for an occasion, a stimulus, a possibility to also be promoters of progress in the direction of Love for this humanity, but they feel like they are the only ones in this humanity that only seems to be focused on the false values of hedonism and possession of material things.


Many flowers do not move unless they are guided to do so, and they do hear messages of hope in the words, but their stimulus to move comes from others around them, and like many brothers they will see the journey only if they belong to an organization, to a confession.


There are other flowers who do not know themselves, on earth it is a natural experience that begins at birth and concludes with death. Many brothers leave it until their death to ask questions on what happens afterward, and yet they expect a life of the heart from their own lives, they too desire to love, but they feel that life itself is supposed to give them an opportunity first, in order for them to be a heart.


With this feeling, with my Love, I look at my garden and with my Love I water them, because if I give them water I am sending Love to those hearts, then life will be able to shine.


There are parasites, but they are hearts who are simple and unaware; storm and lighting and snow can be found on your journey, but Love will always bring about a thaw. Well, you are for me those hearts that close up their corollas, those hearts who position themselves far away from Love, believing that if Love really existed every life would be on an even keel, but Love is experience of yourselves in every moment that you will meet, and it is not flat, just like it is not mountainous, it’s going through the experience using the light of the heart, never feeling lonely but in the constant help from the Love of the Sky.


This, my brothers, is the garden, this is you, and while I am embracing you, I repeat: my Love is always upon you.


I love you from the heart, my corollas, I love you


Your brother Jesus Christ


The False Values Of Hedonism And Possession Of Material Things was the Message dictated 12th April 2010


The False Values Of Hedonism And Possession Of Material Things


The False Values Of Hedonism


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