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Love Is Inside You This World Of Love

Love Is Inside You This World Of Love Is Inside You


Love Is Inside You : my sweet and loved brothers and my sweet and loved sisters, the heart, the Love with which you come into the world places you as a Soul in this experience of life on earth; you see a feeling in the eyes of every creature, a river of Love that is expressed from the eyes of that little one, he is completely ignorant of the world, no words, no meaning, he only has his eyes, and as he looks at you he expresses his feelings through his eyes, what he feels for you, as you represent the entire world for him right from the very beginning; this movement of Love is natural for him because Love is beating inside his chest, his Soul is expressing himself with his eyes, and brings emotion to you, and your feeling lights up even more, and while you remain there looking at him, as always in your heart you make contact with the intensity of the feeling inside you for this creature; there are infinite moments like these when Love is exchanged, even if only through a look; Love is inside you and it’s inside the heart of that little baby, you are Souls who are exchanging feelings.


Over time we add experience, moments of life, encounters, opportunities, discovery of interests who guide, but between you there is always the opportunity for an exchange of Love, of sharing feelings.


You look at others, other creatures who, like you, were born with that possibility to be able to express themselves first of all as Love.


You usually look at others as a story, as an experience, looking at what they have achieved, but then, my brothers and sisters, then you seek the heart, the feeling that animated it, and that animates it further. You seek the heart in every contact, and this is what you will use later on to build your relationships. You are Souls who meet within a feeling.


At first sight you create your impression of the other person, but you only truly know them when you know their heart. You are Souls who give your feelings after your recognition.


Many of you lead their lives on earth in the feeling, but they are not aware that it is their own very feeling that is guiding all of their relationships, with their eyes they express themselves just like that little creature, but they are not aware of what they are expressing through every single look.


My brothers, this is what brings you to listening to the heart, awareness of the emotions that are being felt and that the eyes are communicating. Those eyes represent you as you express yourselves.


Many of you have acquired awareness by listening to your own emotions, you question yourselves and understand, and in those luminous eyes there is the feeling that you are getting ready to share; that light is the reflection of the Love that comes from the heart and reached the other person in the sharing of a moment of exchange between two Souls, between two hearts, between Love that was found.


And it’s a celebration inside you when the heart can express itself in the Love, like it is a celebration in my heart as I speak to you.


My beloved brothers, my beloved sisters, this is the life of the heart, the expression to yourselves and to others of this world of Love with which you were born and that is always inside you.


I keep you with me in an embrace of Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


Love Is Inside You This World Of Love Is Inside You was the Message dictated 15th April 2010


Love Is Inside You This World Of Love Is Inside You


Love Is Inside You


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