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The Voice In The Heart The Darkness Inside

The Voice In The Heart The Darkness Inside You


The Voice In The Heart The Darkness Inside : my loved and precious brothers and my loved and precious sisters, once again today I am here with all the joy in my heart to talk to you some more about the infinite Love that shines inside everyone, the Love that our Father donated to you shines inside all of you and even if there are events that unfortunately bring you to doubt whether some brothers are really hearts, the Love that the Father donated to you is indeed inside the heart of everyone.


The experience, even in your own experience, you noticed the experience of the darkness, when the heart feels misunderstood, you look at other people in the eye and you only have one thought, that your sadness is very far from the heart of other people; a difficult moment, and you see others very far away from your own difficulties; even when you have problems, you look at people who do not have problems like you; this is what a heart that is misunderstood sees. The suffering eyes accentuate its own suffering with all those images it seems to see, and it adds to the humanity a feeling of indifference towards him. The voice in the heart transforms the perception of possibility into a negation of the possibility, and what happens inside the heart is the darkness of hope. Inside this darkness there is not only suffering, but suffering creates behavior and thoughts of violence, and when this violence is expressed into the world, this is what the heart is attacking: indifference.


For those who are listening to me this is certainly not a new experience for you, you do remember moments of darkness and your own aggression toward others. Due to your own reasons you have attacked people in this humanity, that you thought you were indifferent to you, and you noticed that this humanity over time had distanced itself from you and now you understand that everything started from the darkness inside you.


This is darkness, the night of feelings, despite the fact that there is Love in the heart, you noticed how darkness can make it impossible to manifest yourselves as anything other than pain.


My brothers, my sisters, this humanity in all situations has hearts that react to your pain, of course not everyone, because many hearts react like you to the darkness they feel inside, but the availability of the heart, if it is sought, it is always there to be found. In the world there is an infinite number of hearts that can help, share, love, go toward those hearts, with your availability to share, and these hearts will give you an answer, it will find the heart that needs to feel listened to, the heart who is experiencing difficulties will find help, the heart that suffers as it feels misunderstood will find sweet words. The heart of other people is precious, brothers, sisters, it is the answer to suffering, start from your own heart with the hope of a meeting, and you will meet hearts that, being precious as they are, will gently lead your heart to free itself and to shine, just like the heart that I see right now in front of me. There is always the possibility of someone listening to your heart, my brothers, my sisters, this humanity is made of hearts like yours.


I embrace you with hope, my loved ones.


Your brother Jesus Christ


The Voice In The Heart The Darkness Inside You was the Message dictated 19th April 2010


The Voice In The Heart The Darkness Inside You


The Voice In The Heart The Darkness Inside


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