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The meaning of death

The meaning of death is beyond the meaning of life


The meaning of death : my sweet and beloved brothers and my sweet and beloved sisters, today we will look at your question, what meaning does death have in life? the answer that your distraught hearts await, at the thought of losing your loved ones and then understanding the meaning of what you believe is a bad things such a death.


The bad part of existence for you is death. For you existence ends then, it’s not a change, death to you is the end. You think of existence condensed in these two moments: being born on earth, and closing your eyes and resting under ground. You think of the material body as if it represented you. In reality, you are much bigger than that body, and what you lead is indeed life inside that body, the vehicle is the body, but each one of you actually leads the body, life does not belong to the body, it’s you that leads your body. The emotions belong to you, emotions are dictated by your heart, each one answers with movement of the body to these emotions, I can come closer, or I could move away, I could place distance and then come close again, a constant movement that is produced by emotions. Being emotion is what you all are, emotions that exist inside your hearts, emotions that you feel that make you see in front of you what you are, you feel so many emotions, emotions that change in an instant, now I feel this, in a minute I don’t know what I will feel, I am not there yet, but it’s coming.


Therefore what I am registering right now speaks to me of myself, of me as emotion in that precise moment. Only emotion, the concept does not belong to the thought, it’s not about what I am thinking, it’s about what I am feeling. This moment we are going through is actually what we are feeling, we are experimenting ourselves through this moment, when I listen to myself and check what I am feeling I am experimenting myself. What can I discern from listening to myself? Who I am. What defines me is only in what I am feeling. It’s not the words that I can say, what defines me is the feeling I am experiencing. The feeling I am sensing sends me the meaning of this moment, this, what is important to me is the moment I am living. Experience is the sum of all meanings of all moments of my life as a body.


Going through all these moments I experimented myself in the situations in life, many experiences, many meanings in the heart, many moments: an essential condition for my heart to know itself and experiment itself, a condition that sometimes in life takes place within a very small amount of time, but I am not talking about time  on earth, I am referring to the time of the heart, the time of feeling emotions, the time to understand the moment, this time is inside the meaning for the heart.


And to those who think that the time runs out, I would like to say that the time for the heart is infinite, because even with life on earth, the experience is endless for a heart that draws meaning from listening to emotions.


Therefore life has meaning as you uncover it, the I am gains meaning from the emotion experimented time after time. This is the experience that the I am is defining.


Everything I am learning about myself becomes my baggage, and this is what I present for my experience in the next moment.


Then there is the time of death, what meaning does that have for life?


I am this baggage, this is everything I learned about myself, the experience of me as I existed. With this baggage, I continue to exist, no longer on earth, but in the Sky, where I then confront this baggage together with Love, the source of my being an emotion, and together with Love I review all the moments in my existence, to see if I respected the source or if my feelings distanced themselves from the source, and understanding the reason is further knowledge of my I am.


Therefore, let’s experiment, but even in the absence of the body the experience continues on, the discovery of my I am that goes beyond earth; when in contact with the source, being that I am in the Sky, I will always make the most important choices to experiment myself, until my heart will be in perfect contact with the source.


Therefore this passage through dearth brings me to life in contact with the source, the Love that created me, to be identical to it, this is the Love I have in my heart and that was donated to me, my Being was donated to me by Love.


My sweet brothers, my sweet sisters, Life donated Love to us.


Embraced to you, your brother Jesus Christ


The meaning of death is beyond the meaning of life was the Message dictated 27th January 2011




The meaning of death is beyond the meaning of life


The meaning of death


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