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Understanding violence understanding today’s sins

Understanding violence understanding today’s sins


Understanding violence : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, today we look at the sorrows that take place in today’s reality, let’s face the pain we feel in our hearts when looking at the killing of a creature, when looking at war, a violence on a minor, all violence that your media places in front of you daily.


My brothers, there are many dead brothers; brothers, our own brothers are those who killed them.


We continue to see them as something other than brothers, but brothers is what they are. Placing them far away from us contributes to the non-understanding, and so let’s get them closer to us, and let’s try to understand instead.


Hatred, rage, the need to overcome others, the disdain, disgust, violence comes in many shapes, but what is felt is the emotion, the violence is an act, the emotion is where the action originates from.


All of you know the passage in the heart of these emotions, however, not all of you turn the content of those emotions into action. Why is that?


In front of your eyes you have the person who committed the act and also another person who did not commit the act. Why? Because, at first sight, you have in front of your eyes two brothers, two bodies, two minds thinking alike, two identically strong bodies, but what you can not see is the heart and the emotion that is present in those hearts.


This discussion on humanity or inhumanity has the heart at its core.


What makes an emotion so strong as to become an act of violence? It’s exactly this humanity or inhumanity that is felt inside the heart.


Through life on earth we always meet others, as we grow so does our experience of the strength present in the bodies, as we meet many people we will gain experience of contact, all brothers through the experience of contact will feel their share of emotions that will in turn generate emotions of humanity and of inhumanity in us, among these emotions we may even remember who caused certain emotions in us, and to remember them for life, people, certain people stay with us for a lifetime, the first brother that moved inside us certain emotions will be like a lighthouse for all other meeting. And today this lighthouse you meet by looking at brothers in front of you, if time did not change the lighthouse in the contact, both in the meaning of humanity and the meaning of inhumanity, this first contact will be in front of your eyes.


When a child is the victim of violence, he has in front of his eyes those who perpetrated the violence, this is their lighthouse: those who inflicted violence. Those who propose violence had previously met violence and have made that as their lighthouse example. Violence and unchecked need to inflict death, this is the feeling inside the heart that they got in touch with. By alienating themselves, this is what was felt in the meeting with that first contact. As you defend yourselves from the aggression, in the act of violence upon themselves, these have always felt an emotion of risk for their own lives, exactly, emotion of annihilation of oneself. This is the base of inhumanity, what have them the example in the contact with the lighthouse.


Not all brothers who endured this experience will emulate their lighthouse, their heart questions itself with every contact and if over time there are examples of humanity to mitigate the pain in their hearts, that memory of inhumanity will remain limited to one painful memory, but the examples over time change and you are all examples to others, and just like over time you have known the example that raised you and transformed your heart, so it is for those brothers who are in front of you today.


Today my words have added understanding, I feel compassion inside my heart for these brothers who make mistakes by placing their drama in front of the eyes of their brother Jesus Christ.


I have spoken to you of an example, this, I have their example in front of my eyes, I can feel pain for this, but not rage or a desire to vindicate myself, I can simply make a consideration: what just happened in life is in front of my eyes.


May your Being in this time of life be the constant example that you bring to your brothers.


With all of my heart


Your brother Jesus Christ


Understanding violence understanding today’s sins was the Message dictated 31 January 2011




Understanding violence understanding today’s sins


Understanding violence


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