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Being inside Love or outside Love

Being inside Love or outside Love the message of the heart


Being inside Love or outside Love


My dear and beloved brothers and my dear and beloved sisters, I will start my topic today by talking to you of feelings, my dear brothers and my dear sisters, feeling, I feel love for you in my heart, today I feel all of you inside my heart, brothers and sisters, I feel as your brother inside my heart, it’s this feeling, what I am feeling as I am with you, and with this emotion I come to each one of you.


What I feel is Love, what I feel is Love for each individual one of you. In front of my eyes I do not have the multitude of bodies, but your essence, your hearts that are listening to me from inside your feelings, and as a heart I am speaking to you.


Now the Love I am feeling is immense, for this possibility that I have to reach you, and you are now hearing my words through one of you who has accepted over time that the gaze towards us is to learn from our example, from our Being Love, from our living Love fully, our example becomes an opportunity for you, a contact with the Love that is inside you.


There are many words, but it’s this, the contact with your Love that is activated inside every message, it’s the contact inside you, it’s in there when you feel yourselves, as you are a feeling, as you are inside your feelings, that’s when the message becomes important. As you listen to words, you are emotions, and you are the answer.


You carry the listening inside you and this is a discovery of yourselves.


This action of feeling yourselves is important for us. Through your feelings is how you go about your existence, and being inside you means to notice that life is a constant emotion moving inside the heart; the contact with every emotion puts inside you a question about yourselves: why am I like this? In the contact with your emotions you will find the answer to this question. Why do you seek an answer: I am inside Love our outside Love, you question why you are like this: I am either inside Love, or outside Love.


It’s a source of joy to fully feel that you Are inside Love; feeling outside Love allows you to ask yourselves the reason why you are outside Love. When emotions transmit the act of not being in contact with Love your feeling expresses a problem on your Being in that moment, and in your question ‘why’  you seek your reasons in what you think was the feeling that brought you to feel those emotions … listen …. the reason of life always have a reason in the feelings of their heart.


And you feel inside as if you are fully in the Love, and this is a source of joy; feeling outside of Love allows you to ask yourselves why you are outside of Love. When your emotions transmit to you that in that specific moment you are not in contact with Love, your feeling expresses a problem about your Being in that moment, in your question ‘Why?’ that you are seeking, is where you will find your reasons for what you are thinking of being the feeling that brought you to feel those emotions… listen… the reasons of life always have reasons inside the feelings of the heart. They are all emotions that meet, that get in contact, that’s existence.


Therefore in what you feel, in the contact with our emotions, this life that we lead is important to be evolution and evolution is the passage from Being outside of Love to Being in the Love.


This passage of existence is an endless confrontation between these two extremes, between Being in the Love and Being outside Love, but being with you is an opportunity to be an example that in the Sky is Being example with each one of us. I speak to you of Love, but my Being in the Sky is Being Love; just like being among you is speaking of Love or Being your Love.


My dear and beloved brothers, my dear and beloved sisters, the time has come to say goodbye: may your reflection welcome what I sent to you.


With immense Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


Being inside Love or outside Love the message of the heart was the Message sent 3rd February 2011




Being inside Love or outside Love the message of the heart


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