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The brainwashing sessions

The brainwashing sessions that are activating inside us message from the Sky


The brainwashing sessions : my beloved and sweet brothers and my beloved and sweet sisters, may I begin by bringing you an example? inside your hearts is the example; brothers, sisters, those of you who are listening to me, you have a thought going through you, “this possibility that the Sky responds, and confidently so, about the recent events that took place in the world and these words dictated for us, does this mean, perhaps, a presence of the Sky, and perhaps an intervention in determining so many events?" this question is in the hearts, this is a question that is in many of you.


Why do I say the word example? Because the heart, as it listens, picks up some thoughts from the experience that is being shared and it confronts the topic discussed with the thought, which have been transmitted, and it finds that those thoughts are its own as well. Many brothers in this moment are noticing just that: that they have a similar thought. Now they begin to listen to one of the brainwashing sessions that are activating inside them.


Over the course of life on earth, you had many thoughts, interpretations of events, transmission of many hypothesis and elements of truth that were never verified. Your heart is facing this, thoughts, ideas that you put inside you, accepting them as possible truths, and you absorbed them from the mouth of another person. So, so many thoughts with which the heart confronts itself, and inside you this constant questioning yourselves continues on, without however arriving to a definitive answer; messages that go in one direction, messages that go the opposite direction, this is what it is for you.


You sweetly return into yourselves, perhaps among these messages there is possibility of some security; we think of Love as an experience that you have inside your heart, when you heart fell in love, it had a specific objective: everything in your reality had to be an expression of this Love, a meeting, a kiss, holding hands, whenever you spoke Love had to be expressed: the Love you felt; everything around you could be used to express Love again, and everybody surrounded you, and you wanted to be surrounded by this Love. Love in its full expression has this objective in the heart. The Sky has this objective.


What is a horror, what attacks life, that which you define as evil, this is not in the project of the Sky, if there are upheavals, it was not the Sky who created them, if there is suffering it was not the Sky that created it, everything that is not Love, does not come from the Sky.


In the horror, my dear brothers, is where your pain and our pain exist, in every adversity, our pain joins yours, brothers, when your pain starts, ours begins too.


Let’s help in this emergency, let’s lift up those who fell, the Love inside you intervenes to find a solution of Love for you.


And so, brothers, here is the answer, Love is the answer.


While you discuss inside you with the elements that you will meet, ask your heart “does that which Love allows come from Love?” this will place definitive clarity.


Always in my hearts, I can feel your questioning, may the voice of Love lead you to comprehension.


I hug you very tight in my embrace


I keep you very tight in my embrace


Your brother Jesus Christ


The brainwashing sessions that are activating inside us message from the Sky was the Message dictated on 5th May 2011




The brainwashing sessions that are activating inside us message from the Sky


The brainwashing sessions


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