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Being two but in one single heart

Being two but in one single heart the heart in its life message


Being two but in one single heart : sweet and loved brothers and sweet and loved sisters, here I am one more time to talk to you, to tell you, just like in the past, that the journey of existence on earth, a very valuable moment, is only one moment of your Being, it’s what you do during this experience that will forever carry a memory in you; now you are in your life, and you are maturing experience, of yourselves and of every other heart with which you enter into contact, in this meeting you should always tap from the Love that you safeguard inside you, and donate yourselves to others as a creature that feels the other heart as a companion, that feels the other heart equal to yours, that feels identical to the entire group of brothers, however often we think of ourselves as different from the world of other brothers, of other hearts.


Of course difference is objective when we think of the physical body, of the culture, of what we have accumulated over time, and many of our belongings reflect differences, but when in front of the experience, that’s when the objectivity of us being all equal begins, the experience of birth is the same, the parents that you will recognize yourselves as being bonded with, the world around you that interacts, growing up with the discovery of Love for the other, and of Love for yourselves, in every situation being existence inside the body of a heart that beats, all of this is what makes up each one of you brothers.


Even in the pain you experiment your identity with brothers, the pain you feel places your heart as being identical to that of the other, with what is being felt, the heart, the emotion makes you identical in the substance to every other heart.


Through what is lived is the constant experience of yourselves, but a constant experience of others, just like yourselves, who are maturing the same growth.


Today, my brothers and my sisters, while you wait for a change outside of yourselves, I would like to invite you to think that the change consists of feeling inside you your heart as identical to the heart of every other brother; the invitation is to feel the experience of another heart as an experience of you in what you feel, something that happens to the other as a possibility inside you to be in that feeling, and in this contact, you will sweetly understand that heart in its life.


As you are in contact in the feeling, try to look at that life with your heart, feel inside you all of its emotions, erase all distances to be a heart that is experimenting, and the experience of change will take place in you. Being in the unity is to expose yourselves as a heart, it’s feeling inside you every heart in the experience, it’s noticing in the experience lived of the similitude of being a heart.


May this day bring you experience of the journey of another heart and allow you an experience of continuity among hearts, being two but in one single heart.


I hug you very tight


Your brother Jesus Christ


Being two but in one single heart the heart in its life message was the Message dictated on 9th May 2011




Being two but in one single heart the heart in its life message


Being two but in one single heart


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